By 2016 would you like KI to be reclasified as an M rated game? POLL

No M rating.

If you want MK, go to MK.

KI it’s(and always was) about combos, ULTRAAAAAAA, combo breaker, and monsters, not brutal gore, FATALITY, and treating dental caries with drills.

SF doesn’t need to split a single blood drop to success.

If KI introduces dismemberment or other extremely over-the-top violence, I would be literally done with the game.

So I vote no.


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Nope, not sure why some want this to be an M rated game and have more gore just to have gore. KI was never about blood like MK.

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Simple question:
Why do you want M rating? For blood and gore? “Fatalities”? You have already all this in MK.

MK makes gore his real trademark. KI wants to make his trademark his combat system, accessible, deep, fun, and with interaction of both players. That’s the reason MS wanted a reboot. That’s the philosophy of the game. If the game suddenly it’s all gore and blood, maybe they are calling for the wrong public. People that want blood surely will come, but it demands an effort that it’s better used in mechanics, character design…

Let’s play math. You have 100 $(let’s keep it simple). You can spend 40 $ in character design and 60 $ in combat system(KI), or you can spend 20 $(MK) on gore and blood… and you have to cut from gameplay or character design…

And that is a reality. MK is full of clones(Kitana-Mileena-Jade, Ermac-Scorpion-Sub Zero, Goro-Sheeva, even the new kids, Cassie-Johnny…). Surely they have differences, but there aren’t as unique as KI characters are between them. Some of them are similar in gameplay or in appearance.

And… well, I don’t like MK’s eternal juggles, long one sided combo ala Mahvel, and unbalanced roster. But maybe it’s only me

Also, @KillerSwift7, here you can learn to make polls: How to add a poll

No… The M rating adds nothing. What makes KI fun is its fluid deep gameplay, not seeing people get their arms ripped off. Leave the gore to MK. KI doesn’t need it.


No. Why? There are no benefits in it changing to M.


No. There’s just no reason for it. And if they add stuff that I’m uncomfortable with my kids seeing, it gets put up on the dusty shelf with MK X for those rare precious moments when I am gaming alone (i.e. never). “Cartoony” violence and even the weird blood puddles they have now are fine. But if they start chopping off heads? Done.


Perhaps the game is the way it is because that’s what the developers want it to be like? Sure, fan input in important for the future of the game, but eventually creators have to draw the line and say "no, this is MY game, this is MY story, I’m the one creating it. If you don’t like something about it, then it’s not for you."
It’s like if George R Martin caved in whenever someone cried on the internet “please don’t kill x character or rape y character.” It would remove any sense of conflict in the story. Or if or if every single concept from the “Future Character” section of the old forums got published into the game with no quality control.
I have major respect for Bethesda’s recent response to all the criticism they’ve been receiving about the still unreleased Fallout 4 that basically amounts to “if you don’t change my nitpicks with the game, I’m not buying it”. Bethesda’s response? "Okay then, don’t. We are here to tell you about this game we’re making. We’re not going to go to every single customer and say I’m making this game and you have to buy it so I’m going to tailor it to your every need.’ We’re going to make the game we want to make, and you can buy it if you want."
And before anyone gives the “all the best selling games of last year had an M rating” argument. If all you friends were named Cliff, would you jump off 'em? “Do it because everyone else does it” is not a valid marketing strategy. For every hit, there’s a bunch of garbage trying to ape its success. Making yourself DIFFERENT from the rest of the market is how you find success. For every trendy Modern Warfare knockoff cover based shooter that did things the way that was supposedly popular and wound up completely forgettable, there’s Minecraft; a game that seems so quaint and simple compared to the multimillion dollar ultra “realistic” modern shooters, and yet is one of the best selling games in the history of games, even on its way to outselling Call of Duty.
Ratings and flashy pixels and blood and guts aren’t as important as the gameplay.
Long story short, no. KI will be fine without gore, just like Street Fighter, Tekken, Smash Bros, SNK, Soul Calibur, Marvel vs Capcom and Skullgirls have done just fine without gore. If you REALLY want gory KI, get the PC version and mod it. Of you can’t mod it, find a mod someone else made. If no one else has had the interest to make a mod, then obviously no one else has been that concerned about it.

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the OP has already had this discussion in several forms on the Season 2 forums, yet continues to press this at every opportunity. His main point is about blood and gore, nothing else. The devs have weighed in on the older threads multiple times, but somehow this continues.

As always, it won’t be happening for the several reasons listed, including the marketability the T rating gives to the general public, ease of use at tournaments and displays, lack of necessity for dismemberment, etc.

As others have said time and time again, if you want more gore and dismemberment than already exists in KI, go play MK, and stop wasting everybody’s time. Nearly everybody is tired of having this discussion except @KillerSwift7, it seems.


Yes! Let me keep it real. If a sword going through someone’s body Hisako can be too much for the game. Then yes!, A T rating is restricting this game. It’s not all about the Gore people. It’s the whole package!. Ultimates, stage ultras, story mode and just character dialogue. If u only put emphasis on the Gore then you are totally missing the point! I said on the old forums that the stage ultras would be kinda dull with this T rating and so far that’s true. Story with really no raunchy dialogue is evident because of that rating. You guys need to see the bigger picture and stop putting all the emphasis on Gore, because that is not the only reason KI needs to be Mature. Conker M rated, Arkham knight, M rated. I don’t see gore, but the character dialogue and story make it that way, and if there are going to be ultimates or second ultras without music and they add strong hurt sounds I dont want it to be restricted in a way because of the rating! Some of y’all still acting like teenagers. Like if KI is rated M and u play it then you need to go to confession right afterwards…


I don’t know if you remember his old posts about this on the S2 forums, but the vast majority of his interest was the blood and gore, nothing else. Hence the specific responses regarding the blood and gore.

I play MK, Gears of War, Dying Light, plenty of violent, gory games. In fact, I enjoy gore in games - but KI doesn’t need more blood and gore than it has, because it isn’t trying to market itself as a gory game. I don’t want to see my favorite fighting game try to ape the format of other games, plus it has been stated in the old forums by at least one of the devs that an M rating will not be attached to this KI.


No. Why would you?

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It is fine as is

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KI trying not to format other games? All fighting games do that crap except a few differences. There is a lot of hypocrisy and contradictions on this forum. I like Gore, but not for KI, so I won’t play it. I like split-screen for Halo, but halo guardians won’t have it so I’m not going to buy it? Come on bro I don’t buy that ■■■■ for a dollar.

Where did I say I would stop playing KI if it had gore in it? The point is that MK is extremely well established in the gore and dismemberment niche, and has been for what, almost 20 years? The point I was making was that I like gory games, and I like KI. That fact doesn’t mean that I want to blend the two. I enjoy listening to heavy metal, but I also like lighter music like The Eagles - I don’t want those two mixing, either.

KI’s gameplay and visual style are very different than MK, and it doesn’t need to try to cut in on the M-rated super gory market to perform well, as the last ~2 years have shown.

Not sure how you’re missing the point where THE CREATORS OF THE GAME have said they will not bring KI to the point where it is assigned an M rating. Once the S2 forums are available, maybe we can pull a quote, or maybe @TheKeits or @TempusChaoti can weigh in yet again.

Trust me I’m not missing anything. I asked Adam why they didn’t make this game M rated and he stated that they feel like they can add everything to the game within that T rating. Ok cool. I get it. To each it’s own. I don’t sit in on their board meetings so I don’t have as to what they discuss, but I been feeling this way for a long time, and I’m not gone change on that front. Super gory? Can’t see it happening, but M rated can see it happen, but when the community focuses specifically on just Gore; then you close the communication gap between us because people will just give yes or no answers instead of real dialogue.

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Standings so far, based on a conservative interpretation of posts in this thread:

Yes: 3
No: 15

Unclear: @swordman09, @SithLordEDP.


People just want the M rating because of ultimates.

Guys, seriously, they can find ways to make stylish ultimates that aren’t gory without becoming MK v DCU, calm down.