Best and Worst Characters to Use in Shadow Lords

I want to hear what you guys think are the best characters to use in Shadow Lords. I think one of the contenders is Omen. His furious flurry kicks cannot be stopped by the CPU. They try anything they’re done. Also, Demonic Despair is a lifesaver in tough fights. I also want to hear your worst. Some characters can be frustratingly hard to use in this mode.

Post your opinion below.

Hisako, I hate her but the AI doesn’t know how to stop her qcb punch command grab I can get nonstop perfects with her.

Mira, Aria and Cinder.

Sabrewulf hands down.


AIRA, riptor and someone else.

What’s good about ARIA against the AI? Haven’t really played her before.

Gets full health after each fight. Plus just abusing her stuff mid match.

Full health?

Yeah, to be more specific if you’re fighting multiple opponents with her and lose some health in that fight the next fight she will be back at full.

Well, Eyedoll is the obvious one, since he has immunity vs hitstun from Omen and Gorgos projectiles…

Spam cr.MK xx Shotgun Blitz till you open the opponent up, then flipout loop them to death.

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I think they fixed that bug, right?

Who said it was a bug?

  • Aria is da best. She has regenerating health after matches (maybe removed now), her staggered crouch MK into exploding knee opener and lights cancelled into MK explosive arc opener easily frametrap the AI and allow for manual followups (easy lockouts), she opens up Ultratech and Forgotten Laboratory missions, and has great mission choices available to her. Also the AI barely ever blocks low after a flipout.

  • Eyedol, for his buff against Gargos and Omen (he even armours through Omen’s fireball ender and gets a full punish), and how LP lightning blast in the neutral allows for manuals and a full combo from roughly 1/3 screen. The AI also struggles against his 3-hit running swings.

  • Omen works extremely well in the corner, as when you do land a grab the AI will often lockout on your choice of manual and you can spend meter on a high-damage combo then re-earn it on the ender. Otherwise you can oppress with flurry kicks. His fireballs confuse the AI into jumping a lot.

  • Gargos also works well when you get minions out, as the AI can’t help but try to attack them in the neutral even when you’re standing and waiting to punish.

  • Once you get a knockdown with RAAM, he’s amazing too. The AI is very susceptible to command grabs and stand MK hit confirmed into a combo if you wait slightly after their wakeup, and placing a manual early in your combos will lead to lockouts and huge damage output.

Generally the AI opens up to staggered frametraps and are difficult to catch out with regular grab mixups. They also lockout very regularly against manuals, so characters with openers which allow for a manual can often get big damage. Fast command grabs work extremely well.

Agree with most of what I’m hearing here. I’ll also say fulgore. Button xx MP laser, button xx MP laser will open up the AI like 90% of the time, and they’ll almost never stop you from using axis slash to get back in and do it again.

Rash, Hisako, Arbiter (AI seems to always push a button when the grenade is about to explode), Tusk, Aria.

Riptor… the AI is completely unable to stop j.HP spam.

Nobody, but seemed like one.

And I can confirm it. Its fixed. If you start a new fight with less health, the damage is splitter among your bodies

Guess that could mean it’s coming back as a feature then.