Beginners Guide for TJ combo players

agreed, I have not even touched anyone else other than hisako and sadira(tiny bit).

His tremor also breaks the manual rule. if you combo into tremor from say MP~HP xx Fakeout > HP xx Shoot Toss > Lk Tremor. You can do any strength of manual after the LK Tremor.

I know certain other characters can do similar things - Maya gets free easy manuals after in-combo dagger tosses, for example.

Easy…yes. Free…no. Daggers are very breakable.

The only other character that gets instinct only manuals I think is Jago,it works in a similar way to TJs.Other than him i don’t think any other character does

I’m not talking about the daggers though, only the manual, under the assumption that the daggers do hit without being combo-broken (and yes, I know daggers are breakable mid-combo). You can break linkers just before any manual, so your stance, while correct, is also kind of pointless.

Ok but what I’m confused about is what you mean by free.


Wait they can be be broke? I didn’t know that what button(s)

The yellow dagger is light and the purple is medium. They are only breakable in a grounded combo.

Don’t worry about it, as I wasn’t even sure if I should’ve included the word or not as I typed it. I suppose it meant free in the sense of any strength?

Did you forget about heavy combo-break for both daggers or is that not possible (I honestly can’t recall because I never see double-toss mid-combo)?

Ok than yeah I know what you mean.You can’t break both daggers because they then cause an air combo which is not breakable. If you try to throw both mid combo you get the dagger assault ender(which is not good):disappointed_relieved:

Edit:You can do shadow daggers in the middle of a combo and that is not breakable, the reason you never see it is because there is just no reason to do it.It doesn’t do that much damage and you’d need another bar or a recap to cashout

Oh yeah… How on earth did I forget about that? Ever try holding light or medium to get a heavy dagger linker?

Yeah that doesn’t work, but we’re getting off topic😂This is a TJ thread

I was actually starting to think the same thing.

Ya you guys hijacked my thread

Sorry. :sweat_smile:

All good hahaha :slight_smile:

Edited Frame data. . Frame data is now 100% accurate per in training lab. added frame data for combo’s as well as powerline cancels. still trying to find frame data for his instinct.

Are they changed the Meter on TJ. I tried to do the advanced combos and the knockdown meter fills up so fast (almost mid-Combo). Am i doing something wrong? Anyone testet it?