Beast fighter for season 3

I can et behind that idea

for me, another beast, full of teeth, even “stereotype” fierce is unnecessary.

It could be an aquatic creature yes, but why a shark? It could be something more mystical, more mental and less ferocious monster who will wear the teeth and force (we already have sabrewulf and riptor, need another?)

Yes, we need another beast.

Sabrewulf -mammal.
Riptor - reptile.
What about fish skin? That’s why we want shark join KI season 3.

i’ve mentioned minotaur for a while now, and i’ve alwasy suggested this type of feral design:

D&D 3e minotaur art

but i saw this in the Rage of Demons trailer:

20-23 seconds

Baphomet (demonlord of minotaurs)



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I had this as a Kid =) anyone else remember these?


That depends on what this thing would look like mystical wise. Granted many creatures are fierce when they feel threatened anyhow.

Or instead of just a shark beast in total why not just mix and match different sea creatures to make it work out? I think there’s alot IG can do in this area.

My big brothers love that show!

I know right? Such a classic! Short lived too, which was sad…

So true… My brothers really want watch that show again.

I like the idea of a Chimera Monster

I think a hybrid monster and I mean a really really obvious one would probably be a good way to round up all the beastial fighters for KI. I remember on the old forums when one dude for some reason wanted cat features on Riptor, which honestly was too weird and out of the character in my opinion.

However in this possibly new character, the beast can infact be a really unsual chimera creature and perhaps the gameplay mechanics of this beast can change based off which animal in it’s physical make up is currently the dominating one. Sort of a good way to be a hidden “stance switch” but that’s just one possibility. I’m sure many others may have an interesting idea.

I thought I’d be boring and chose the Tiger beast, just to tie it in as connected to Jago as an anit-Gargos kind of character. Not specifically the Tiger Spirit, but some kind of tiger character that is obviously a believer in the Tiger Spirit aiming to stop Gargos from destroying, ruling or just generally crapping all over Earth.

We have Rash, he’s an amphibian. So mammal, reptile, and amphibian are covered. If I had to choose I’d pick a sea based creature. Not a shark though. Something more unworldly.

And I’m suprised no one mentioned the snail/mollusk character that never made it past concept art.

Well it could be something highly brutal.

A minotaur would be pretty brutal if done right my opinion a minotaur should be a top general/commander in Gargos’s army and would use chains or a flail as a weapon


Minotaur would be an Intresting character. It doesn’t follow the apparent “stereotype” as a fierce beast with teeth and it could serve as a minion for Gargos.

if they di make a minotaur they need to make it look like your atypical bullman

Well any beast character that can contribute to diverse gameplay would work.

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We could have a heavily defensive creature since Riptor is inspired by a Raptor it would be cool if we got a dinosaur monster inspired by something like a Ankylosaurus or Triceratops


We got Riptor who is now remodelled as Talon from Primal Rage. If we got an ape, we might get something inspired from Primal Rage too. Even Planet of the Apes’ Caesar.