Beast fighter for season 3

What do you really want to beast join KI season 3?

  • Minotaur
  • Shark
  • Gorilla
  • Tiger
  • Rhino
  • Eagle
  • Other - make your comments

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This is a hard choice for me. I’m stuck between the Shark, the Rhino and a Minotaur. All of these are uniqe in that none of them are a canine or big cat fighter so they won’t run the risk of fighting similar to Sabrewulf. But they’re also different enough to be their own thing…

How about a chimera monster? like legitimatley a bunch of different creatures mished and mashed? perhaps some kind of ancient abomination?

Another suggestion is an insectoid monster, which would really be unique. it could have a socprion stinger with a tail like a centipetede body of a mantis and a number of other mix and match features of insects.

And before anyone says it: No Sadira doesn’t count. Unless you actually look like a spider creature you are not a spider a creature, just someone with weird powers like a spider. the same rule applies with bug based characters in general. If they don’t really look the part, they don’t fit the role in my opinion.

Did you know, you can vote two beast of them?

For the Gorilla, I’ve an idea:

Don’t feel we need the tiger. Already a few puddy tats.

The Minotaur is something I’m keen on, at least in ideal if not literal, by embracing more of the Bloody Roar aspect of Instinct system. I want a character that really beasts out when going Instinct.

But Eyedoll kinda covers the Minotaur in the first place, so…

We have covered:

Definitely for Hominid (Ape)… Even though “human” covers that :wink:

Don’t need Eagle himself but an air-based character that stays in flight until knocked down during Instinct seems like a missing piece to me. Would need a resource to maintain flight during regular battle but definitely an aerial juggler/grappler to join Sadira and Cinder.

minotaur, hydra, sphinx, medusa…anything harryhausen-y

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Top picks Minotaur and Shark, but an insectoid type would be awesome too. Maybe a Mantis or Moth/Butterfly

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ALL of them in my case

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Shark out of the given choices, I like Minotaur but the old classic mythology vibe is probably going to belong to Eyedol.


Did you see “Other - make your comments”? Why not you vote it?

I like Minotaur too! he’s my favorite myth of all time and I was really enjoyed his backstory.

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Oh, i’m really sorry about Preymantis. If i add Preymantis in poll, then poll will get erase. That’s why I won’t add any new beast in poll. Sorry bro

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No problems! :+1:

Beast fighter? Skelet… Werewo… Dino?.. Uh… Demo… Flaming… Uh… Gole… AH HA I GOT IT! 2 headed!!.. Oh wait… This game doesn’t have enough beasts for everyone? =) The only thing we don’t have is a Spider… Nevermind lol

Sarcasm aside here, there really isn’t much along the lines of any beast or character this game is missing. It would have to be a character that could have a unique design that wouldn’t overlap with those currently in the game. For me, if I had to choose a new character to have in the game potentially, we don’t have anything that Fights actually on 4 legs. Sabrewulf runs but he does stand upright. I’m talking something like Motaro. A centaur, or a Gorilla. Something that could be really fast and agile great evasion but minor damage something like a stray poke character since Cinder is the only hit and run type in the game currently. Just an idea. Or it could be another Multi character like Aria? Who knows.

I can somewhat get behind the idea. It may be interesting to see a flight based fighter, they could even go as far as to make the character float above the ground as a fighting stance*


I still think i would be really cool to have a creature that is a mixture of different insectoid like creatures. it could move on all 4 les and attack with long reaching claws and tail. Maybe they can take a pager from the epic of Gilgamesh and throw in some scorpion like monster in the game. Can’t really overlap the likes of Sadira because she’s just a human with freaky powers. (Personally Sadira belongs in he assassin category)

Gargos is coming into the battle as a final boss. I think it’s only right to have a few bad-guys from his side of town. I think they can squeeze in a few more monsterous figures. Beasts and monsters are limitless in their designs. Humans you can only do so much with. I’m not saying season3 should be all monsers, but I still think KI needs to keep the ratio of 50/50 half humans in the roster, half monsters.

… Almost immune to sweeps and many lows but extremely vulnerable to overheads and punished heavily on knockdown.

And would be designed like Maya as far how Block works… She CAN block but her game falls apart when playing counter.

Well the character would float just low enough to be hit by sweeps, but alot of what you got here seems pretty promising.

I also think to make things fair since the character can fly is to have it not be able be immune to anti-air or not have any priority over anti-airs by having some of its move had a decent start up. This is a topic for another time though.

A shark character would be great cause we have the change o have both a water based character and a beast character rolled into one.