Are low tiers good for the game?

I see having tiers that are polarizing like in Street Fighter is proof that you didn’t balance your game properly. If you have clear unplayable, or high difficulty MUs with a large majority of characters, why did you waste development time to make them? It causes the competitive base to use a select few characters and that’s all that we get to see.

Remember Evo last year where the top 8 of street fighter consisted of 3 nash’s and two chun-lis. KI’s top 8 at KIWC had Hisako, Aria, Glacius, Jago, Mira, Tusk, Gargos, RAAM, Aganos. Which top 8 sounds more appealing?


Quoted for truth. Despite the changes he has gone through I still think Kan Ra is an extremely interesting character and I’m determined to keep playing him despite maybe losing more games than I used to with him. He’s still a lot of fun.

Nothing but 5-5 matchups would be boring and the characters would just be stale.

Tiers are fine. Long as a game isn’t horribly unbalanced. Naturally some characters tools should be problems for another. But if multiple 9-1 match ups exist or even a couple of 10-0 match ups exist such as mk9 then it becomes a problem

Mk9 teir list consisted or ss+ , a , b , c ,d and shiva teirs

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i think the question of whether lowtiers being good for a game is a moot discussion. There will always be a tier list, players will always min/max. No matter what you do unless theres only 1 character in the game there will always be a tier list.

It’s true there will always, by definition, be a “worst” character. But the relevant question is how big is the gap between that character and the average or that character and the top.

Dan is probably as low as you can reasonably go before it makes no sense. His normal moves are more or less okay and his DP and hurricane kick knockoff are fine. His fireball is pretty terrible. But he isn’t so laughably bad that he can’t be competetive in the hands of intermediate level players playing each other.

I appreciate that gamebalance discussions focus on the top 1% of players, but some things are good for the other 99%. Low tier characters are not especially important but character variety is a huge deal to non-tournament players. And variety is at least loosely associated with balance issues and bad matchups.

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Dans not even the worst character in the game. Hes still a shoto and his super/ultras are actually quite good and do decent damage. Now if we were talking about worst character in sf4 , it would have to be hugo. He has a few legit 8/2 and 7/3 mus + his large hitboxs leads to some devastating combos against him. I get TRIGGERED when people say dans the worst , I mean hes better than dee jay. Wutever

I think the number of people playing SF4 by the time Hugo was released in USF4AE (or whatever) was just so low that not as many people have as much experience playing with it against him to really know. I’m not talking about the size of the tournament scene, just the volume of players.

Dan was never the worst character in the game ( you could argue if he was in vanilla ) but in every other version of sf4 ,t hawk or dee jay usually sat at the bottom

@BigBadAndy @deltarayquaza You’re both wrong, anyone DSP or LTG picks is bottom tier :wink:

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Dsp is a urber driver now and ltg plays urien. Dsp is low tier in life and low tier fraud is a … fraud