I was wondering if I am the only one who tends to play like this.

You see, one of my oldest strategies was thinking what the other player is going to do in answer to what I’m doing and counter that before it happens.

Now I’m more focused on other things, and since KI is kind of huge regarding options, playstyles and techinques (it also has a strange fihghting flow) it’s harder to play like this. So many things to consider! lol. I guess that’s when conditioning plays a big part.

But lets put an example: If I woke up DP against the opponent’s meaty (if I have an invincible one) I don’t expect him/her next time to go for a meaty again. I’ll change my strategy, because I’m expecting the other person to block, bait or try some jump dodging thing . They may throw a meaty again? yeah, totally possible.

If I’m on the other side, and you woke up DP and hit me once or even two, I don’t expect you to continue throwing DPs because you know I’ll eventually punish you. If you continue doing this either you are testing the heck out of me or you aren’t thinking at all and your plan is just to wake up DP all the times (flowchart playing).

It’s not I’m getting hit because I’m dumb. It’s because I can’t believe a person will do the same and the same and the same again. Because that’s the way I play. I know that’s on my end and I have to make the right decisions by analizing how the other player performs.

Then I realized “Oh, he just thinks this is working and I’m an idiot who doesn’t know how to deal with this”. I will give them that round and probably destroy them the next one (this are some specific cases, but not that strange, specially in lower levels)

Some players prefer to do things and check if the other player know ho to deal with it before changing his offense. It’s totally valid, because it’s working so…Why change it?
It’s just me liking to think what will happen after. But with such a huge variety of options it’s hard to choose fast enough sometimes.

This will give me some hard times agaisnt characters like Aria, Kan Ra, Riptor,Hisako, etc…Because I feel they have many options to change their strategy, while some characters are very straight forward compared to those. So, they best thing would just keep it simplier and not anticipating much. But, if they know this, they’ll have more space for conditioning me.

This also applies in other games! . for instance: If I get a good first round in Gears of Wars I like thinking how I’m going to change the next round strategy to counter the other team’s “possible adjustement”.
I’m not a fan of the quote “Oh! we got the first round, lets keep doing the same!” my friends use.
Some guys got me the first round by flanking or killing me from my back. Next round this kind of players go happyly for the SAME exact thing! So I keep waiting like I’m focused on his/her teammates and then turn and blow them up or stop they strategy. Some teams panic and this causes them to lose. I also can check who is the one “leading” everything, their MVP player and organizer. If I can beat him, their team is doomed, because they are lost.
Those are the dangerous players, but that’s another story, hehe.

Back to KI:
I’m not saying this is the best way to play, I was just wondering if someone else consider how the other player will counter the adjustments. Maybe I’m thinking too much beyond, and I may loss fight for this. But well, as someone said in his stream yesterday “Ls don’t stand for Losing, but for LEARNING”, or something like that XD

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As far as I can tell, based on your examples, there’s nothing wrong with your thought process in those specific situations. Its fine on Wake Up because the viable Possibilities are alil more constrained so you can count on your opponent changing their pattern based off previous outcomes.

Just be careful. You might be setting yourself up for the Legendary No Mix Up, Mix Up simply put if you think the opponent won’t go for the command throw three times in a Row… then if he/she knows how you think then thats exactly what they’l do. Its one of the things that really annoys people about Grapplers. And it’s how people can get away with 4 Command throws in a Row or 4 Straight Overheads or 4 Empty Jump Low Attacks.

Funny Enough… this doesn’t seem to apply to invincible DP’s. I’ve never seen anyone get hit by 3 in a Row. 2 DP’s are enough to send a clear Message. :wink:

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You are right, grapplers…They are a totally different story lol

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Sometimes it best to NOT change it up…just because your thought process it that they will change it up. SO if i use heavy AD and you break it, Im might as well do it again next time and Counter break or hope you go for medium break.
A good balance between the 2 strategies is always best.


Of course, that’s how some get locked out in linkers XD


Basically an entire thread talking about patterning and opponent tendencies. It’s quite dense (brevity is not my strong suit), but I think it’s a good thread on the topic :slight_smile:


Thanks Storm! It’s not like I spend much time checking the lovely Hisako’s thread :smirk:

I fact I don’t check all characters threads :thinking: Maybe from time to time. Some threads tell how to play a character in the right way, and I use that to find ways to find some weakness of “x character” hehe.

Thanks for the link n_n

PS: Lol, I did see the thread before! I just forgot it :cold_sweat:. I’ll read it a again. I’m taking some notes now, things to practice. Anual tourney (and maybe the last?) is comming in the end of January and I want KI concepts to be as fresh as possible.