Am I the only one who takes Riptor seriously?


I’m not gonna lie, that never happens to me, probably mostly because I never use Multi-hitting moves while the opponent has meter unless I confirm into it from a normal. You can combo her Flames into Pr.C Lp then use cr.Mk to stuff a retaliation from that range. I played Riptor so much against so many MUs I have alot of particular strategies in particular situations, like Using Rake on Jump back Jagos, or Pr.C onslaught against Omens, or Run flame/grab barrage on Hisakos. Thunder and Maya is my most difficult match up but they make me play a Run-Cancel, Defensive, Counter style Riptor.


Absolutely I’m not trying to insult your riptor I just don’t see the use. If it works for you by all means continue using it.

I’ve just gone into practice mode myself and tried what you suggested, and I see now that the Lp does combo off of flame into cancel. I also see what you mean with Cr.Mk as a good stuffer for anyone thinking they are now in the clear and can press a button or advance forward.

The only reason I don’t see it as a viable option is because if you’ve already hit them with flames then cancelling into a frame trap seems redundant. Wouldn’t the better option be to continue your combo? As a frame trap reset it seems unreliable, and not worth the measly 12%

If the flames are blocked, as well as the cancel-Lp with no SC. Then why would you want your pressure to end there? Pushback is not favourable during riptors offence.

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Now you discovered something about my gameplay style you Slick cat. I am Not too great at Breaking and Counter-Breaking unless I am in a state of focus that my ADHD rarely grants me. Very rarely, like 8% of the time I play this game am I focused to the point of seeing CB points and breaking based on Sight rather than guessing patterns.

My Riptor style is very obtuse because I win by using Non-Standard combos. I look for what moves flow into where and I attack that angle like a raccoon in a dumpster. Because of my Offensive style people tend to become locked out and I can freely combo stupidly long.

For example: Flame Chain, Instinct cancel before the final hit of the last HP, False reset flame chain starting with low to get Max damage, S.Tail Slam, M.Tail Slam (lock-out bait), HPx5, Ender.


J.HK, S.Tail Slam, Run FireBlast, Instinct cancel, Run Fireblast, S.Tail Slam, H.Tail Slam reset, Run Fire, Light double, Ender

These combos are just some of the crazy bullshit. My opponent is always in the corner while I’m Riptor, so Flame chain into Pr.C lp into grab, fire carpet, Pr.C dash flame, Mk, 3-Lp due to +7 on hit, Flame Linker, Wall Splat Ender, Sweep, Flame carpet, Repeat. At any point you can use Overhead Stinger or Clever girl into follow-up just to mix things up. Riptor is Stupid when you just play her with short combos and footsie pressure. I always try and find ways to bypass the combo rules because I have to due to me being on average Bad at Breaking.

Sometimes you fight a Break Master and you can’t get your Hard Knockdown Ender, so Instead you cancel into Predator after any hit you want and just sweep them. HP, HP, PrC-HK which is unbreakable combo that gives you a Free Flame Carpet set-up. Some people just Break and Mash everything so I give them things they can’t break or mash out of. They play MY game, I ain’t playing theirs. :expressionless: :rage: :grin:


It amazes me how many players won’t block my low flame after I put down a flame carpet on a hard knockdown… :imp: :fire:

…either they’re not used to blocking low or they see it but can’t tell that it’s a low (in that they probably think it’s the straight-shooting heavy flame instead). Regardless of which it is, it makes for incredibly easy combo setups.

Please note, I’m not an advanced Riptor player - just quite a bit above average. :wink:

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I’m working on her to level 50 right now! Currently at 45. She is awesome


Seems like w alot off olks who are sharing wha tthey can do for Riptor. How about the lot of you share your tech on our Riptor topic?


I like playing riptor, I’m maining her. I don’t understand why people don’t play her as much. I love her options on block, mix up potential, her asthetics overall, basically everything about her. I’m kind of glad though that she’s not as popular as sabrewulf, it makes maining her more fun


I’ve been playing a lot of Riptor in ranked lately. While I and a lot of high skill players can see the big flaws in her gameplay, it seems there are a lot of people online who really don’t know how to deal with her. The tail flips and flame carpet are great noob crushers, and she has decent options for both footsies and pressure.
I just like the way she plays. It allows for lots of aggression while keeping a safe distance.


Couldn’t have said it better myself. Main reason for this is that Riptor relies a lot on frame traps and sorta-frame traps. Almost nothing she has is a true block string. Throw a noob into the mix (either as Riptor or her opponent), and stuff starts to get weird. Jumping and mashing, the two marquee behaviors of noobs, just happen to be the things that beat pretty much everything Riptor does.


Here is how you play riptir. Yes you have your c.hp>tail flip shinanegans, but riptor is reset city. Keep in mind that all of your normals are predatoe cancellable. Also keep in mind that her second flame hit is only cancellable if it is the standing version.
As noted earlier, her is +7 on hit.You can manual this mis combo and link it into itself, or other medium attacks. Thats not the interesting part. You can putposely drop the combo at any point, preferably on moves such as that very plus on hit.
From there you can frame trap into frame trap into and eventual mix up. After the you would then Lp or lk ect. >headbut or clever girl mixup. Against most players, they’ll just start hitting buttons and just hope. Full health bar gone with a single cash out ender.
It is hilarious to watch you opponent try to combo break and find himself burning meter on accidental shadow counters, throws, instinct, mashed reversals, ect.
Also, her flame attacks were nerfed so far to hell that they are minus even on hit. You must cancel them.
Clever girl ender>lp>clever girl/headbutt (light version i believe) will land you on the opposite side od the opponent.
You can runback tail into runback tail, shadow tail flip, clever girl ect.
Riptor is also a great grappler? Mix up her frame traps with throws. Her is an ezpz amazing punish, button check, and tripguard.
You can tilt your opponent easily with riptor without so much of mention of a tail flip. He pressure can be as sage or unsafe as you want it.
Remember to block after combo drops when you opponent starts churning butter for reversals.
You can do a full combo with just lol
Bear in mind when doing clever girl juggles that the majority of the li community will try to break the juggle the first time they see it, even id you just played 10 matches and never saw you juggle once.
Most of this stuff is less riptor tech and more anti-KI tech. Most who play just hit buttons and hope.
Make sure your meaties are on point. Keep and eye out for wake up jumps out of your flam carpets. Off of throw, flame catpet is not very good. Most characters can hit you just in time to reversal and get hit themselves, they will still be at advantage though.
Off of a tail flip ender, you can delay and pressure after a glame carpet and just wait in case of reversal if they are not jumping. Its essentially an OS. Feels good man. Riptor is bae.
Dont ever let of pressure, learn the spacing for riptors buttons, they are counterhit city. Her cr. Mk and are especially useful because they push riptor forward.
You can tripguard into full combo from her s. Hk
You can delay her flame attacks to tilt your opponent. For some reason, her 3rd hit from flame hits behind her. Lol
Hope thats enough tech for you guys lol


I think I can summarize what causes this sort of thing. The number of people who know how to technically control a character, vs the people who know how to play them well to competitive level.
This, is what a good Riptor looks like in the eyes of the opponent.

This is what a poor Riptor looks like in the eyes of the opponent.

As it stands, it seems there are probably more poor Riptors out there at the moment than good ones, at least when compared to some other characters that are generally considered good.
Rippy’s got potential,. and she’s getting better in Season 3.


I got a notification that you replied and everything
Now I’ll never know what you said to me.


This is my favorite comment in my life bro. This is amazing. That contrast between what good and bad Rip-Rips look like just OD’d on my funny bone son.

I think I explained a bit how I approach my Riptor play in this thread. All I can say is Riptor is just amazing at poking, spacing, and punishing. These Tail Slam nerfs wont even be felt because I hardly use the move. From jump I’ve always been obsessed with her Predator Cancels and Flame/Instinct Flame Resets over everything; which already directed me to experimenting and understanding her Great Buttons.

Don’t even get me started on the Full Screen Mortars combined with Running Cancelling her sweeps, and other great buttons. However nothing has got me more hip than her new staggers

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I’ve only played with Riptor, and when it comes to players who play Riptor they usually go for a tail flip into a mix up into flame carpet to keep up their combo, I frankly find it effective but easy to punish which is why most people claim Riptor is gimmicky. I personally post up with a tail smack up into survival run into a rush down combo into flame carpet. If they block I use my heavy kick to bring them closer for a second combo and usually into a light shadow combo into a juggle. When I comes to Riptor it depends on whether you are passive or aggressive.


I actually find a hint of comfort in people not talking her or watching her plays. She is like the under dog card, and when someone who really knows her takes the win, it makes such a huge upset. Who is this Dino-nobody that comes out of di-nowhere to beat the crap out of a one star killer teir jago. It’s delicious.


I’m going to need to find a way to squeeze “out of dinowhere” in my every day speech.


damn it. “Out of di-nowhere” is really good.

but yes I take her very seriously, and I do want to post a lot of tricks and content, just laziness or regular grinding get in the way of that. Place is too dead for my liking, its not the Ice Age yet