3.9 Group Sets (Community Sets)

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Season 3 Group Sets: UA|Charbok (Hisako) vs. BH|Waterhorses (Glacius) (Part II)


Season 3 Group Sets: PaulB (Riptor/Sabrewulf/Mira) vs. MnT|Letalis (Omen/General RAAM/Aganos)


Season 3 Group Sets: RM|MorbidHoagie (Hisako/Spinal) vs. UA|Charbok (Hisako)


Season 3 Group Sets: EctopicILLusion (Cinder) vs. UA|Wheels (Gargos)


Season 3 Group Sets: TG|CoopStar (Jago/Eyedol) vs. MnT|Letalis (General RAAM/Aganos)


Season 3 Group Sets: SRT|Zero Syndicate (Shadow Jago) vs. YoungCamThaStar (Jago)


Having watched the set with UA Wheels, I have to say that I think his style of one chance combo into stagger ender actually hurts him. I know throw resets can’t be discounted, but I feel as though he is leaving damage on the table by not going for longer combos. He is good enough in the neutral that a combo breaker shouldn’t be the end of the world. Yes, his style can be dizzying, but it kind of does become predictable. What does it matter if he connects if he only gets 18% damage out of it?

I’m about halfway through the Zero Syndicate v YoungCamThaStar set and as a Jago player I am frustrated. I feel that YCTS is making some weird choices. For example, his counter breaker combo at the end of match 5 could have seriously cost him that one if he didn’t guess right on that throw. Had he followed Infil’s guide, he could have closed it out since he had meter.

That’s not to say I am better than either of these two. I know being in a match can make it hard to always make the best decisions. No way would I have made it out of pools at KIWC. Just observations from a moderately-skilled player.


The Letalis vs Coopstar set is quite good, much more footsies oriented for people who enjoy that style of play. Hampered by a bit of lag but a lot of interesting decision making going on. Might analyze it some time.


Watching it now. Coopstar’s instinct cancel into back dash was probably the most clever thing I’ve seen in a while considering Raam’s 1 frame command grab. I can’t tell whether he started the back dash from the instinct cancel or did it after waiting to see Letali’s start up for shadow command grab.

Because if that was me, I would continue pressure and get stuffed. Like… why would I DP? I can just hit cancel a normal into fireballs for days… except where I can’t.


No, startup for shadow command grab is 1+0, once you see the freeze it’s too late to move.


Yeah, I am about halfway through the set and saw that on instinct cancel he back jumped to avoid the grab when in the corner. Really clever read.


Season 3 Group Sets: RM|MorbidHoagie (Hisako) vs. CHANCHULA (Thunder)


Season 3 Group Sets: Circa|Aphex (Rash) vs. Aeriqui (Mira)


Hey everyone,

Just wanted to give a big thank you to everyone’s who’s participated so far, and of course, to you guys for watching all of this stuff! It would be awesome if you guys shared any or all of these videos. Each view and share goes a long way and helps me out tremendously. Other than that, fight on dudes! I’ll catch you guys at Texas Showdown this weekend.

Season 3 Group Sets: MnT|Letalis (General RAAM) vs. Hi Im Keith (Riptor)


See you guys at Texas Showdown.

Season 3 Group Sets: AnimeNinjaBlade (Mira/Maya) vs. YoungCamThaStar (Jago)


Season 3 Group Sets: UA|Charbok (Gargos) vs. Aeriqui (Mira)


Thanks so much for having me on the stream Bass! I hope people enjoyed the gameplay!


Season 3 Group Sets: HW|XxHoLoGrAmXx (Thunder) vs. EctopicILLusion (Cinder)


Season 3 Group Sets: UA|Charbok (Hisako) vs. Raven is Raw (Spinal)


Season 3 Group Sets: UA|DevilMayCare (TJ Combo) vs. TDB|H0TSH0T (Cinder)