3.9 Group Sets (Community Sets)

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The Killer Instinct World Cup 2017 is just one week away. How about a sneak peek at what to expect by celebrating the 100th Group Set. Thank you again to everyone who’s watched and participated from the very beginning. For those new to Group Sets, they’re simply Community Sets, from the community, by the community: Rough Sets featuring Special Guests and Top Players! I don’t fight at all in any of these. We welcome my 3 special guests today: UA|Wheels and Rico Suave, who are going to do a FT10, and we have Sajam returning once again for some godlike commentary. You can catch all of us at the event next week. Does Wheels have what it takes to run over the current KIWC Champ? Find out.

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#100 Special Edition: Season 3 Group Sets: UA|Wheels (Tusk) vs. Rico Suave (Gargos) Ft. Sajam FT10

Killer Instinct Group Sets playlist updated.

Group Sets are now back in motion. Here’s to another 100 more.


Yooooo I’m freaking hyped for this. Love Sajam.


Gotta say, as much as I enjoy watching you play Bass, your group sets series is also really interesting because it showcases matchups that you don’t often get to see. Glad to see you showing interest in more of these! Hopefully we can see more exploratory, wacky matchups in the future.


Man this was a great set of matches by two great players. They put on a freaking clinic.


I would’ve uploaded stuff sooner, but I wanted #100 to be special, and I like consistency. Now that the World Cup is only a week away, and the Nintendo Switch releases tomorrow, I might be a little busier for a bit :wink: but I’ll definitely get my time management skills on point. Glad you’re all enjoying everything, and I apologize for Group Sets disappearing for a bit


Season 3 Group Sets: HARA|HitBoxTyrant (Eyedol) vs. UA|DevilMayCare (TJ Combo)


Season 3 Group Sets: UA|DevilMayCare (TJ Combo) vs. TG|CoopStar (Jago)


Season 3 Group Sets: BH|Waterhorses (Glacius) vs. MisterSadFlumps (Sadira)


Season 3 Group Sets: PHYCOTICA (Aria) vs. UA|DevilMayCare (TJ Combo)


Season 3 Group Sets: Bastfree (Kim Wu) vs. Raven is Raw (Spinal)


@UABass hey is it possible if i and @STLemonHunter can play on your group sets? We spar all the time and go back and forth. :grinning:


As long as it doesn’t lag, I don’t care. If it does lag, I’ll leave midset.


Seems fair to me


Newly released Shin Hisako has some crazy bugs going on, but that never interested me, and I’m sure you guys wanna learn some high level stuff already. Welcome new teammates UA|GutterMagic and UA|Charbok as they spar for the first time on Group Sets, as Gutter takes Shin Hisako on with no prior experience, and Charbok shows us what she’s capable of so far.

Season 3 Group Sets: UA|GutterMagic (Thunder/Tusk) vs. UA|Charbok (Shin Hisako)


Season 3 Group Sets: UA|Charbok (Shin Hisako) vs. UA|GutterMagic (Orchid/Tusk/Thunder)


Season 3 Group Sets: Flash Expl0sion (Eyedol/Tusk) vs. MOY GC (Fulgore/TJ Combo) FT10 Grudge Match


Season 3 Group Sets: UA|KALYPSO (Sadira/Shin Hisako) vs. HereticMAGICMAN (Kilgore/Aria)


Season 3 Group Sets: BxA|Jackal (Gargos) vs. Delta Rayquaza (Eyedol)

Tech help

Season 3 Group Sets: UA|Charbok (Shin Hisako) vs. HW|FREEKY JASON (Kan-Ra)


Season 3 Group Sets: BinaryZodiac (Eyedol/Hisako) vs. SA|JustinTorriii (Kim Wu)