1 technical issue and a fresh start to the game

Hi guys! I have been highly interested in Killer Instinct since it came out and I finally picked up an Xbox 1 and jumped in. I am still going through each character to get a feel for them, and so the Noob is strong in me! But I hope to get online soon and start learning from you guys.
Speaking of - is there a recommended starting point or training ground? Any groups of players that focus on helping new players develop and raise up?

Also, I had bought season 1 physically and then I bought season 2 digitally a week later. But now all of my season 1 characters are greyed out as though I need to buy them again. anyone know a fix for this?

Thanks in advance!

Hi Tarrant.

My particular advice it’s:
Go to dojo and complete it, try some offline matches against the cpu to get along the combo system, and then visit Ifilament’s guide, a great guide for all type of players :blush:
When you hit online, I recomend you exibition. It allows you to rematch really fast than lobby or ranked leagues.

Unfortunately, I can’t answer you about your problem with the greyed characters. Maybe @rukizzel or @TempusChaoti could help you with that

Complete the dojo; its a must. It’s a very good and will help with the basics.

Are you playing KI off the disc or the digital download of season 2?

It depends what type of characters ur into. Zoners, rushdowns, tanks, counter, or balanced characters.

I have done most of the dojo. I actually like it very much and I will make sure I complete it this weekend. I know that most all of the dojo’s lessons are applicable to all characters, but I really wish that you could select different characters than Jago to go through the lessons (unless you can and I am somehow missing that). How much better to practice those lessons with your “main”?

I don’t think that it matters in that regard (I could be wrong). When I first pulled down the game, I just had the free version and messed with the character of the week. Then I went out and bought the physical combo pack, I entered the code that came with it to get TJ combo. After that, TJ Combo was the only character I had, even though the disc was in the drive.
It turns out that was a fairly common problem and the solution was to uninstall KI and then reinstall it. Then a week later, I bought the digital Season 2 pack and now only season 2 is available. I don’t know if I am going to have to uninstall and reinstall KI yet again or if there is another solution. I have not seen other posts via google where others have had this second problem…

It is important that you go through Dojo to get the feel that you need for this game. Then after you think you understand better, I would find at least 1-2 characters you think you’ll play before you head online. Spend some time in Practice Mode to get a feel for the character, like you said, and if you think you’re ready, go ahead and go online. I recommend Exhibition since it lets you Rematch your opponent as long as he accepts. If you have buddies, you can invite them in too.

The good thing about this game is that it covers many playstyles. For example:

  • Sabrewulf is the rushdown character
  • Glacius relies on zoning and long distance
  • Sadira covers the air
  • Spinal’s a tricky mixup character that teleports and shoots skulls

The beauty of this game’s roster is that every character is unique in both design and gameplay. No two characters will play the same. The only exception for now is Shadow Jago. He’ll get his changes soon.

Thanks for the advice guys! I will do exactly what you said here. I will finish the Dojo first. Then I will finish going through the roster with the season 2 characters that I have not played yet. I normally go into practice first until I have a good basic understanding of their normals and specials and can whip out some meaningful combos. Then I go through story mode and then onto the next.

So far, my favorite character has been An Rah (spelling?), but that could change. :smile:

After that, I will hit online and work some exhibition matches. I am looking forward to it!

You don’t have to go through Story. Do it if you want I guess.

I like to just for giggles. In a lot of fighting games, the story is mostly nonsensical and meaningless (I’m looking at you SF IV!), but it is still fun to me to go through it. At least KI’s various story arcs seem to make some sense. XD

If you want training or a sparring buddy, I’m (almost) always available. :wink:

Otherwise, practice mode is great for learning the specific capabilities of each character, especially from their command lists. :muscle:

You could also try fighting the shadows, as they are a bit closer to human behavior for an AI, and probably the best practice before hitting the real thing. I kinda just ran in and did a cannon ball of the diving board into the multiplayer.

LOL! Great reply! I jumped in yesterday as well. I did alright for being a complete noob, but I could certainly tell the difference when I come upon some Level 50s, haha!
I am very impressed with the game so far and I look forward to playing more.

Awesome! I would love to play with someone to help me improve! Are you listed as GalacticGeek?
I am listed the same as I am here, Tarrant1.


Not quite - put a space in it = Galactic Geek. :wink:

Supposedly out doesn’t register spaces at all (which is why it appears without one here). So technically either one would work I think :smile:


Not on Live it doesn’t.

Ah ok, my bad! Sorry about that.

Welcome to KI! There are a few things that have likely already been mentioned by others that can get you started.
-The in game Dojo covers all of the basics apart from character matchups, and gives you plenty of FG basics.
-infil’s online “for SFIV players” guide pinned to the general discussion and Maximilian_D00d’s YouTube channel are both good visual guides.
-Practice against training room d.ummies and low level AI opponents to get the basics of the combo system down.
-Be sure to play as many characters as you can. The best way to figure out if you like a character is to try them out yourself, and you never know what you like till you try it.

Even if its redundant, I hope my post helps, comrade!

Absolutely, thanks for the help! I got started on the SFIV guide and it is extremely well done. Unfortunately, I am swamped with work and school at the moment so I am not getting to get in there as much as I want.

Not quite - put a space in it = Galactic Geek.

I will look for you tonight! XD