Zombie fighter

How about a zombie character in Killer Instinct!
His or her stage is a grave yard.
What you guys say bout that???

So Hisako?


Naw I’m talking bout a resident evil type character or Zombies Revenge.

Yeah, but she’s ghost…

Bro this game needs a nasty scary type looking character lol. Something like spikes coming out his or her body and shot blood as a projectile.

You mean zombie like Dead Space, Prototype and Resident Evil? I really like infected zombie because they are creepy and stronger than normal zombie. It’s great idea!


I hope you don’t mean like Grundy from injustice
He’s an annoying character IMO


I’d prefer something like Lord Raptor from Darkstalkers, but with a touch of Resident Evil & Walking Dead.

How about an Ultratech controlled zombie thing? I guess it would pretty much be a Resident Evil Nemesis rip off but still, it would be cool lol or maybe something like the Tyrant.

I think Sabrewulf is going to try to cure himself by putting a whole new body together from all the bodies he scavenged. after successfully transferring his consciousness.

He awoke to find his formal imprisoner leering back at him.


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Eh I don’t know how likely that is…if they can differentiate a zombie from our resident onryu enough then maybe, MAYBE.

I would really like some virus mutant zombie that allow the charachter to change his body during his atacks like Venom from Spider Man, or the necromorphes from Dead Space. I am also thinking in Arakune from Blazblue.

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Jiangshi Rabbit guardians three of them, each with their individual perks. +Damage/+Meter/+health(Receives less damage when hit, includes chip damage)

They all play exactly the same and they swap out on shadow specials and teleport. Only the perk changes.

In instinct your playing all three, the other two copy the lead creating a after image style multi hit attacks. With all perks are active during this.

Idk but I think Jaingshi is zombie territory…sorta.

I do would like to see a chainsaw-wielding mutant zombie.

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