Your Standby Duds

Oh hai KI family :smiley:

I’m curious to see what everyone’s most consistently used color/accessory combinations are.

This obviously doesn’t apply to everyone, but I tend to see most players picking a favorite and deviating rarely from that configuration. So this became a curiosity of mine.

So who’s your main/pocket characters, and how do you most often dress them up?

For me:
Hisako (main) - Default, Color #2. That’s my jam. And jelly.
Sabrewulf (pocket) - Color #2 with Rudolph accessory, or full on GreenWulf (green hair/skin/goggles/etc)

For me:

Cinder (main#2)
Color: Red (I think color 7?)
Accessories: Magma rocks

Color: rusty-reddish (Color 6…I wish there was a better red color for it)
Accessories: military claws, normal face, and mohawk color 1.

Riptor(also main#1)
Color: color9 (like in my avatar)
Accessories: All armor (the silver and black ones)(alternatively cyber head and tail, and normal arms and legs)

Jago: (Pocket)
Color: red (color 2)
Acessories: (red wodden mask and knee pads, regular sword)

Color: Red(Color6) (alt.Color 8)
Accessories: Horned head and knees, primal body.

Color: you guess it…red
accessories: Oni–deom mask and kneepads and arms.

(screen shots coming soon…ish)

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Why not just have everyone provide screenshots of their character’s outfits and accessories? After all, a picture is worth a thousand words. :wink:


Hey, that works too. Whatever way one chooses to share this information is fine by me, I just didn’t want to set a requisite.

One could even tell me through interpretive dance, if one were so inclined. I’d be thoroughly amused.

Hehe, “Red Riptor” indeed!

Level 50 default Fulgore for me. Pink Omen.

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Classic Jago Green Color with Keytar. But you knew that. :smile:

TJ: Monster Hunter Sunglasses, Color 7? (The one with the spray paint)

(Screenshots: Maybe)

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Dude I love 80’s-tastic Jago :smiley:

See, one of the many things that I like about Cinder is that a lot of his accessories pair really well with his actual colors. That said, I tend to use a lot of different pairs and just switch in between matches.

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I always go with color 4 fulgore. Matches my white console, controller, and looks like a stormtrooper

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I like most of Cinder’s colors, I can totally see why you wouldn’t settle on one. Do you normally rock Default Cinder, or Retro Cinder?

Default because that one has the better accessories. I don’t like the accessories in the Retro as much.

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I feel the same way. Thanks for sharing, friend :smiley:

Jago: the “default” ornate wooden mask/kneepads work with a lot of his colours, so I’ve been using them with colours 6, 5, and recently 2 mainly. I also bust out a Templar/Red Cross-style red ornate wooden mask/kneepads/sword with colour 4. I’m probably most fond of block ornate wood with colour 9, though. As much as I’m a fan of default Jago, I almost never use him; and I don’t like the ornate steel and ancient tiger stuff.

Glacius: I’m far from having everything unlocked, but I’m fond of the black and pink, and generally either of the non-ultra edition accessory sets. Usually I rock pink with horns.

Fulgore: usually either the stalhrim, black and white, green or red robot (I don’t have 7, 8 or 9 – if I did, I’d probably use 7 and 8 too), almost always with dreads and the parallel “military” blades.

Riptor: haven’t put a lot of levels on her. I’m almost always on colour 3 (the pink/purple…pinkle?), now with feathered body/head sometimes…but eh. I’m still unhappy about the feather situation. As far as I’m concerned, smooth complete plumage >>> default scales > ■■■■■■ patchy plumage. Somebody asked if we’d support a crowdfunding campaign for costumes and whatnot – I’d be all for crowdfunding a proper feathered costume for Riptor, but somehow I don’t think anyone would go for it. Oh well. Maybe there’s hope for this via PC mods.

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Aria color 2, because it’s the closest to an Iron Man color. Seriously, why does she not have an Iron Man color??

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I generally stick with color 9 across the cast just because of the sense of a achievement it brought me, but color 9 for Sabrewulf is probably my favorite.

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Hisako, color 3 with all Ultratech accessories.

Riptor, color 6 Ultratech head and legs with blue feathers.


Okay, prepare thine eyes for some gorgeous eye candy:


Hisako color 7 with matching accessory set

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I personally have always liked new Cinder a lot more than retro Cinder - the accessories and colors are just better IMO. I also think the design is more interesting

Sadira: color 8 and 9, no accessories
Hisako: color 8 default, retro colors 5 and 6 with horn accessories.

I don’t really stick with a single color/accessory set with either of my characters, but these are my most frequently used ones.

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