Your KI Guest Character Fan-Fiction

So, with all of the talk lately regarding some fans wanting the guest characters (Rash, Arbiter, and Raam) to be canon and the devs officially saying otherwise, I figured I’d go ahead and create a thread that gives you the opportunity to either describe and/or even write out your own version of how the guests could/should/would fit into KI’s story in your own mind.

I’m curious to see what you guys come up with, so go ahead and stretch those writing muscles and let’s give those guys a (non-canonical) reason for being in KI! :slight_smile:

Gargos messes with the planes of existence so much that he opens portals to Sanghelios (Halo Universe), Battletoads, and Sera (GOW Universe). Arbiter and the Sword of Sanghelios travel into the new world to try and figure out what is causing this dimensional rift. RAAM is ordered by the Queen to investigate and come back with intel on the dimension and Rash…well, you know. That’s all I got right now.

I can picture the Arbiter mistaking it for “the great journey.” :slight_smile:

I couldn’t. If you know follow Halo lore much Arby (well, Thel Vaddam) was told early on in Halo 2 that the great journey was BS and he spent the rest of the game struggling with his crisis of faith. Anything after that he knew there was no great journey and formed an alliance with the UNSC to stop the covenant.

Anyway, I’d probably also go with the whole “cause portals” idea, only have them ripped from their respective worlds into this one and maybe Aria has made an agreement to help them get back to their own worlds if they help with Gargos…maybe for Raam Gargos made the deal with him.

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“Serve the queen.”

Gargos would kill him for saying that! LOL! :laughing:

As for my Arby idea, it obviously wouldn’t apply to Thel specifically, but to an earlier Arby instead.

Eh, I just couldn’t see any scenario where Raam would side with the alliance as a means to achieve any end. But I could see Gargos manipulating him in some way or another.

This is my version of how Rash ends up in the KI Universe…

While on their way to battle the Dark Queen, the Battletoads get involved in another crazy space warp, just as how they ended up in the Shovel Knight universe. But this time, the space warp is so crazy that it leads them into the Killer Instinct universe, and for worse, their ship crashed somewhere near the mountains of Tibet.

As they try to fix the ship, they suddenly notice the presence of a large portal from afar, which signals the coming of Gargos. The trio decides to go there to find out what’s going on, but Rash thought of an idea. He said, “You guys should stay here and fix the ship! I know the Dark Queen is awaiting us in another world, but sometimes there are much more bigger threats like this that are needed to be stopped!”.

“Ok! We got your point! We’ll do our best to fix this and get back into our world! Good luck!”, Zitz said.

It’s time for Rash to join other forces and save the Earth!

The funny thing is, Rash doesn’t even really need a canon explanation. He’s already a normal guy who’s been data-mapped into a video game, (hence the wireframes on his model), so it’s not much of a stretch for him to just warp to another game. The guy is basically KI’s deadpool in terms of fourth wall awareness.


Microsoft should just use Battletoads in al their games as DLC or something like it, they can be the ‘Deadpool’ of the MIcrosoft universe…

They already are in Shovel Knight as DLC
Halo Toads DLC (special battletoads armor plus new melee moves)
Toads of War DLC (special multiplayer Horde map in Battletoads style)
Rash already in KI
Already a Toads Mask in Worms WMD
Toadza Horizon (remake of speeder stage)
Rocket league Battletoads speeder bike DLC
Special Mechanical Toad battle form as DLC pre-order for ReCore

Then when they finally release a proper Battletoads game it will crush the salescharts.


Ironically the Wireframe is a reference to Battlemaniacs, which was a remixed/revised version of the original plot. The toads were toads before entering the game and the princess was replaced with the daughter of a game developer. I like the revision because it had stakes as opposed to the other Battletoads games where your action clearly didn’t mean anything all(an issue that quite a few virtual reality plots have)

personally I think worlds of KI, Battletoads, and Perfect Dark, can coexist in the same universe.

while I do think the plot of Battletoads should be rebooted, If we go off the original BT plot . Explaining Rash in KI is simple: VR + Nano bots

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I think spawn could be pretty sick in this game that’s who I’m voting for make it happen iron galaxy

[quote=“IIDaScareCrowII, post:11, topic:14318”]
I think spawn could be pretty sick in this game that’s who I’m voting for
[/quote]Nah, he’s too dark IMO, and has been done before. He’s old hat…

ARIA captured and drugged all of the combatants so she could probe their insidey bits and the entire cast is in some kind of lucid fever dream from all the drugs and they’re linked together with brain super high-tech scanning device. However one of the LabTechs accidentally hooked the device up to the Xbox in the break room so now the fighters are seeing giant toads, Halo characters and bosses from Gears of War.