Your IG dream fighting game

If you could give IG the rights to any series and make a fighting game out of it what would you choose?
I personally would love a tmnt fighting game with depth and a dark art style. More serious and less kid friendly.
All four turtles shredder bebop rocksteady Baxter stockmen. It could be epic!

My dream fighting game will be tough…

I’d pick a Bloody Roar game for a reboot!

But… maybe an alien-based fighting game.

I’d imagine it a mix of…

  • Street Fighter
  • Dragonball Z
  • War Planets/Shadow Raiders
  • Ben 10
  • Superman
  • Guardians of the Galaxy
  • Ratchet & Clank
  • Star Wars
  • Alien Racers

I think that they should tackle Primal Rage. If anyone can pull off a modern take on that game, it’s Iron Galaxy.

I also think they could pull off a great 2D Dragon Ball or One Piece game, but I think Bandai Namco has the rights to both of them when it comes to video games.


Killer Instinct.

… Oh wait…


Pretty much…

Never thought KI would return, so I guess that is my “dream FG.”

Then again, the only way my KI dreams would truly be complete…

…is with an MK crossover…

Fun thing is, with Iron Galaxy’s past games, such as Dive Kick… I didn’t think they could do it. I’m no fan of any of their past games, but they did a real solid job on KI.

I didn’t know IG before KI at all. I’ve never played Divekick, and I wasn’t that big of a Darkstalkers fan, or 3rd strike fan to know that they worked on those ports in the past. So yeah, when IG took KI in S2 I had no real expectation, but when I heard they didn’t good work on posts of past FG I figured they at least had a clue as to what they were doing.

TMNT Tournament Fighter 2017 great idea!

Primal Rage would work too.

Revival of Mace: The Dark Age, War Gods, or Eternal Champions would be stellar.

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Kamen Rider because why not?

If someone could contract IG to do a new Primal Rage with updated gwaphics and a combat system as smooth, varied and accessible as KI… :heart_eyes:

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Reboot Eternal Champions!

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Even if I think Ark System would do a more suitable job on the franchise, I would choose Darkstalkers. I think they would give it a nice twist of flavor both on the gameplay side and the artistic one

Bloody roar is the only logical answer. Noone wants to revive it. :sweat:

my own game! :slight_smile:

Primal Rage and Bloody Roar. Hands down.

Mace the Dark Age Reboot

Evil Zone remake

XMEN Next Dimension

I have to get on the Primal Rage bandwagon. Would be a great series to revive, plus I could see the remake taking a few hints from KI in terms of balance and gameplay.

An all-Marvel fighting game (I’d suggest DC but NRS has that one) or even a new superhero themed fighting IP would be pretty great too.

Has got to be

It has juggles, air mobility, crazy combos, broken characters, OP moves, everything right up their alley, right?

Without kidding, IG would do a great job with this one, imho.

Looks good reminds me of MVC & persona & blazblue.

I’d love for KI to have those cool art images splash when they do shadow moves or instinct lol

I think Gargos & Aria have the best instinct activation- a nod to SFV / guilty gear / SCV


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