Your Fighting Game of the Decade?

Max recently made a vid on his picks and justification for FG of the last decade.

I will give my own take this weekend.

Killer Instinct, of course. It’s what finally got me into understanding and appreciating FGs. The mix of depth and approachability is uniquely excellent, and the soundtrack and especially the designs are arguably second-to-none. Helping pioneer good netcode experiences along with Skullgirls and 3rd Strike Online Edition is what tied it all together.

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Killer Instinct. It brought back every character and did more. It was the game I played every single day for hours on end. It also helped me when I was getting through my very first semester of college.

I’ll expand more on it later.

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Mortal Kombat (2011). It wonderfully captured the spirit of the klassic trilogy, the best games in the franchise prior, modernized it, and launched the NetherRealm competitive community that we now have.

It’s also the game that got me back into the genre as a whole.


I’d also say Killer Instinct. I know it’s easy to sound like a homer on a KI board, but the whole reason why I’m here is that this game turned out to be so special in spite of having so much going against it leading up to release as well as the uncertainty post season one. The character designs, the music, the announcer, the combo system, the single player modes, the rollback code, the accessibility of the devs, the stage design, the music integrated in to the combos, the retro gear…

I could keep going, or at least greatly expand on a few of those, but as good as Tekken 7, MK11, MK9, SC VI and others have been and as much as I’ve enjoyed them (and others), nothing’s grabbed my attention and held it for as long as KI did. I played that game regularly for four years. I’ve never consistently played any other game that long in my life.

For that alone, it’s my game of the decade.


My exact reason for having KI as my GOTD. Just seeing this (and KIT) makes me feel warm inside :wink:


This One For Me:

Long Live Jaina :smiling_imp:

Killer Instinct. Nothing else really comes close besides Samurai Shodown and Soul Calibur VI for me.

Blazblue Chronophatsma would also be up on the top 5 but I only just got into that game.

I didn’t even know KiT was happening this weekend until yesterday, so totally missed it.

Is Killer Instinct going to be at any other majors this year that we know of?