Your favorite type of FG character

I just came to a self-realization - I always thought that I liked underdog characters in FGs, since I played the likes of Dhalsim (SF4), Sheeva and Baraka (MK9), Lex Luthor (IGAU), and Aganos (KI); however, I just found out the 1 thing they all have in common other than that - they all have reach (Dhalsim with his stretching arms, Sheeva with her long legs, Baraka with his extendable blades, Lex with his powered ax, and Aganos with his immense girth). They all have the ability to hit the opponent where their opponents can’ t hit them.

So what is your favorte kind of FG character and why? What is the connecting bond between all of your favorite characters? Your reason(s) can be based upon theme (e.g., shoto), gameplay (e.g., zoner or grappler), stereotypes (e.g., ninja, boxer, or demon), alignment (e.g., good or evil), etc. just like some of the examples I gave above, so let me know! :raising_hand:

Balanced but at a cost. Fulgore,Aganos,etc.

…and which characters in other FGs that you like to play also fit that description?

Also IMO, Aganos isn’t what I would even remotely call balanced (in the sense that he’s average at everything). I would put him at the extreme exerimental end of things - for example, his speed is awful and becomes ungodly awful with more chunks, whereas having them gives him 1 of the best defences in virtually any FG.

-Archetype: Grapplers and brawlers. I also like zoners, but to a lesser extend
-Alignment: Evil
-Appearence: ugly and big, I like mosters-like characters
-Gameplay: I like hard to use characters, and I like underused low tier characters
A list of my historical characters:

Street fighter: Sagat, Bison, Hugo, Q, Gen
Blazblue: Iron Tager, Relius Clover
Guilty Gear: Potemkin
KI 1&2: Eyedol, Fulgore, Gargos
Mortal Kombat: Goro
Injustice: Bane, Lex, Sinestro
MvC: Hulk, Dormamu, Nemesis, Thor, Juggernaut, Ghost Rider, Wesker
Killer Instinct: Aganos, Glacius, Thunder, Fulgore, Omen, Aria

I like characters that are inhuman or supetnatural in some way. If I can’t get that, I go with the Bruce Lee character. Fei Long in SF, Quan Chi in MK, Sabrewulf, Spinal, and Hisako in KI, and King and Law in Tekken.

Generally I want to be in your face, and making you scared, be that with a counter-based character like Hisako and, to a lesser extent, Spinal, a rushdown character that excels at close range, like Wulfy, or a grappler like King.

If the character is a smart-■■■, there’s a good chance I’ll at least try them out as well.

I like the characters that are Very hard to play. Like Because they are bad, hard to play. Like Phoenix Wright in Marvel. I love playing those characters that require skill and patience to win. But Mostly, I like who ever I like, but for me it’s usually Rushdown Characters it seems. I like Jago because he can play multiple different ways in an instant.

Phoenix Wright. Still trying to find a Street Fighter Character.

CHARGE characters!!!

I used to like these characters back in the day (as far back as Street Fighter 2), but not so much nowadays because they seem to have become more difficult, doing things like including diagonal inputs or double presses as part of the charge (as they did in Street Fighter 4 with certain supers and ultras), That’s why I like, and prefer, the inputs for games like Injustice and Killer Instinct - there’s no charge, just a simple press of the button. :wink:

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Lol It’s whatever you want.

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I LOLed at this. Simple and to the point. I admire people who play Dan and win, because of how bad of a (joke) character he really is. If you can play him and still win, well then, that says a lot about you (and your skill as a player)… :slight_smile:

Well, if this means anything, I believe I’m in the top 90 Dan leaderboard in USF4 (Xbox 360).

Woah! :open_mouth:

…but wait. How many people actually play Dan all of the time? I’m betting it’s not many (in other words, it would be easier to get up on the leaderboards as a result). :expressionless:

Still, props! :grin:

Not too bad to get Dan up there, but the fact that I have Dan almost to a B rank, and I’m Around Top 90, fighting Yuns, Evil Ryus, Kens, Zangiefs, Dudleys, Ibukis, and a bunch of other characters, That means I have Mastered the Saikyo Arts!

I always loved that about Dan - the Saikyo arts? If anyone was paying attention, that’s “psyche, yo!” in plain English. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Older thread, figured I’d give it a go though.

I usually pick my characters on their looks and in how unique they are.

I was immidiately intrigued in both Aganos and Hisako by their trailers. I loved their looks and in Aganos’ case, there’s the ‘I will punch you through a wall’ attitude. Hisako is just everthing I love in a character. The way she looks so slow and then she surprises you by crawling to you really fast, or her ‘teleport’ (glad she gets a faster one). Her ability to counter leads to a good mindgame and her possesion move looks awesome and good versus block, combined with her reach and walljump, she just gives me so many different ways to play.

I had the same reaction to Kan-Ra’s trailer, just felt his playstyle didnt fit mine.

So basically first impressions (which character pleases me aesthetically) followed by a culling of characters based on compatability to my playstyle.

As for playstyle, I like characters that dont work in a complicated/roundabout way.
I love being able to play aggressively or with characters where I can play games with my opponent. Love being able to counter (Hisako/Geese from Fatal Fury).
Or characters that can really overpower their opponent if played well.

Fast and agile with some flashy special moves.
I like some cool kicks and unique weaponry the most.
Preferably rushdown characters.
Ninja or assassin themed, but not necessarily.
If moves are blood, psionic or shadow themed, that’s just a plus.
If a male character, I do like some attractiveness too.

To mention some of my fave characters:

  • Orchid, Tusk and Sadira from Killer Instinct.
  • Cammy, Cody, Vega, Remy and Blair from Street Fighter.
  • Jade, Tanya, Reiko, Rain, Skarlet and Takeda from Mortal Kombat.
  • Ash, K’, Benimaru and Vice from King of Fighters.
  • Asura and Shiki from Samurai Shodown.
  • Taki, Ivy and Zwei from Soul Calibur.
  • Nina and Lars from Tekken.
  • Millia, Testament, Sin and Venom from Guilty Gear.
  • Bang and Terumi from Blazblue.
  • Sofia, Naru (teen), Gaia and Veil from Toshinden.
  • Jenny and Xion from Bloody Roar.
  • Kasumi and Hayate from Dead or Alive.
  • Sarah and Jacky from Virtua Fighter.

… y’know… just to mention a few. XD

Can you name a few more, you know…just so I can get a good impression :joy:

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I always favor fast high mobility characters. I never fair too well with slower bulkier classes.

SF series - Chun-li (Yeah I buy all the dlcs and still only play as Chun-li) those… those… thighs… O.O
Mortal Kombat - Kitana (and in MK3 series Kabal)… then again who didn’t use Kabal?
Soul Calibur - Ivy
KI - Sadira

Gotta love fast, deadly, and HOT chics! :smiley:

Then again my first childhood crush was Buffy: The Vampire Slayer. :stuck_out_tongue:

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With you on the Buffy thing :grin:

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