Your favorite flash animations?

Some of my favorite flash animations…

Mortal Kombat vs. Street Fighter 3 a.k.a. Akuma vs. Chameleon by Proxicide

Animator vs. Animation by Alan Becker

Stick Figures on Crack by DXPRODUCTIONS

What about you folks? Any flash animations do you remember and love? Share it if you want! :grinning:


Xiao xiao stick figure fights were always awesome. I’ll find s link to one when I get home :grin:

You just brought up a ton of old memories…

VG Exiles…

There are plenty others, like the Super Mario Bros. Z series, and there is a DBZ inspired Sonic the Hedgehog flash too.

So many… So good…

DUDE I REMEMBER THE TOP ONE. I can’t beleive how good the special effects were. and it’s so nostalgic! thank you!

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I do remember watching several episodes of SMB: Z, and all of these made me think, “Wow, this is just awesome! SMB, Sonic, and DBZ merged together to an awesome flash series!”. To boot, there is actually a SMB: Z Reboot in the works! And it’s done by the same creator! Dunno if you have already heard about it, but it looks promising judging by its quality. :grinning:

I didn’t hear that. That’s amazing! I think the dude’s name is Earth Worm Jim… He was awesome. I’ll have to look into this new smbz project, if it’s happening, I’ll definitely have to keep up with it.

This is my favorite flash animation! It’s epic fight, I’ve seen!!