You think UE people will get anything extra?

Asking just in case.

As neat as it would be, I don’t expect anything extra.

I bought all three season as they came out for $40 each plus tax. I spent $60 just for the day one Shadow Jago skin. I spent another $60 across three accounts on Shadow Jago community fund bundles to help him get his moveset, not to mention the money spent on figures just for their DLC colors and the soon to be 3 post-season characters and skin packs.

I’ve spent a load of money on this game, way more than I like to admit but I don’t feel entitled to more. That’s just the price I payed to get the new stuff as it came out. Sure it sucks that other people got it a lot cheaper but that doesn’t bug me.

I wouldn’t mind a little recognition or some freebies but I don’t think they owe me anything.

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I don’t mind people getting stuff for cheaper but what’s the reason behind not being able to get the same stuff other people get when we have the same, if not more than them? A person with the UE + Shadow Jago has the same in-game content as anyone with the DE.

I mentioned this in another thread, but I recently bought MKXL on Steam for $16

Do you think people that bought MKX on day 1 are complaining to NRS that they had to pay full price for their PS4 version and are now demanding $80 or so worth of compensation for it? Or any amount of compensation for that matter?

My question is if whether people who have the UE + Shadow Jago will have the same bonuses people with the DE will once the Steam version comes out. As in, if you own the DE and you’re entitled to a Steam copy for it, will the UE owners have that chance too?

The DE already comes with some content that UE owners don’t have in the form of concept art etc. so already we are off target in the conversation. Made where are you getting the idea that DE owners will get a free copy of the Steam version? Is that real or just something we’ve made up for this conversation?

I totally agree but I could see how they might get mad if MK put out new content and those people who bought it on the cheap got it for free after the fact and the day one guys were expected to pay.

But they have done this. MKXL includes content that’s wasn’t in the MKX launch. In fact, everybody does this. A year later you can usually get the full game plus all the DLC for less than the price of the full game at launch. It’s been that way for ages. People need to recognize that they are paying for immediate access to the game when they buy it at launch.

As far as KI specifically, I have derived full value from each of my UE purchases. While I would love for them to toss me some free stuff, I just don’t see how anyone could objectively complain.


Well no, what I mean is after that release. Say MKXL came out and a month later they said retroactively that people got more free stuff after the fact in addition to the bundle + exclusives. There have been a few different occasions where DE buyers for KI have gotten retroactive goodies. I’m not going to argue with anyone about GOTY titles getting exclusive content because that’s part of the bundle, adding to that bundle exclusively after the fact is wherein lies the problem with most people.

I feel the same way as you, I’ve got my moneys worth so I don’t care. I’m just pointing out that I can see how some people might be annoyed that they keep tossing DE owners bone after bone beyond the already stellar deal they’re getting.

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