You nerf Jago into oblivion but leave Fulgore alone and buff zglacius

I have no idea the logic behind these changes. Like Jago was winning tournaments left and right…

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Well Fulgore’s zoning isn’t as bad as it apprantly was because he can’t cancel into fireballs or eye-beams now. Besides I still have to earn my meter by constantly attacking with physical moves, getting meter isn’t as simple as the rest of the cast, so…

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It is what it is, man.

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In all seriousness, is this true and if so, what are they changing? Hope it’s not his overall damage again.

EDIT: Just read it. I agree with the Wind Kicks but the damage nerf really bothered me. What reason was there to nerf Big Endokuken?

Well, he was winning a lot of games and tournaments.

Sorry man they nerfed him they did it.

I have to admit that I am really, really bothered by this. Wind kick has lost throw invulnerability already and now frames? I have a hard enough time getting in on Cinder, Glacius, and Gargos players as is. And now more damage nerfs? And a loss of frames on his overhead? An overhead that was fast, but that you could react to at that.

Geeze, just look at something like Glacius’ shoulder or Wulf’s overhead.

I’m bummed.

  1. Tournaments are not the only metric that determine character strength. And if you feel like there IS more to it, its not expressed.

  2. Fulgore’s instinct, that should’ve gotten changed before, will be a big change plus his nerf from this patch.

Let me catch you in about a month and revisit the topic.

Jago’s windkick in the old KI’s wasn’t super negative either. Don’t know, maybe it was top much considering Jago’s options. I’m glad about the overhead though. There are buttons to deal better with windkicks yoloness but the overhead was pretty strong.
Still think Jago is good but I rather playing Jago before the last nerf than Sakos/ShinSakos / Kan Ras and Arias all day long.

These changes will affect yolo windkickers most than anything.

They continue nerfing Jago over and over again since season one yet new characters are horribly op. If they were going to nerf the wind kick they could have at least restored its ability to travel full screen or made it able to go through projectiles. As it stands they continuously take away his tools and leave him with little to nothing IMO.

Nowadays even facing a Jago or Shago player online is a fresh breath in the Glacius fighting simulator

Wulf overhead is super punisheable if you miss. Really easy to punish those yolo overhead Wulfs now, specially when they are trying it from the distance.

Jago was super hard to react sometimes and he could get an easy combo from it without too much risk IMO.

So far I believe TJ has an amazing overhead, but Jagos wasn’t bad at all (if not one of the best to start a combo and even healing yourself in Instinct with the confirm). I still hope Jago will be good.