You know what would be Cool? A Tag Team Mode in Killer Instinct!

So, I was Playing Mortal Kombat the Komplete edition with 4 people on tag team mode, and I thought what if KI had the same mechanic? Something like that mixed with the mechanics of Tekken Tag Tournament would be awesome!! What do you guys think?


I really want it as well. Just imagine the nutty stuff you could do with tag-in juggle combos.

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I’m not exactly sure what tag team mode is but I assume it’s either like assists in UMC or swapping out in UMC. I, personally, want to see Iron Galaxy implement a team based mode like in SF4.

Imagine having Aganos put up a wall and then tag out with Sabrewulf.


We’ve been requesting this since Season 1 (2013) :slight_smile: However, it seems like the community has always been split on the subject.

I think it would be awesome though. Just let both players on your team share a KV meter and Instinct Meter, and I don’t think things could get anymore unbalanced than what Shadow Lords Multiplayer already allows for. I’m all for it.


Even a KOF kind of team battle would be awesome.

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I love the idea myself though I don’t think the devs are gonna do one of these. However in the next KI game 9assuming they’ll even make one) I hope they do. And they shouldn’t worry about the balancing aspect because the game shoudn’t be used for rank just something two players cna do togeather aside from beating the snot out of eachother.

Closest thing my brother and I have togeather is SL mode where we just take turns doing a mission.

Yeah man, I do the same thing with my buddy. I’ve said it many times, but I’d really really LOVE more options for local play. Even having Shadow Lords Multiplayer available for local play would be great. However, being able to swap your friend in as a tag partner would be an absolute blast.

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Oh yeah my bro would spend time in the Dojo figuting out good combo mechanics. Obviously they’d have to add to the KV meter and so on, plus you’d have to share a life bar to which I think would stream line things.

Yo kilgore assist? Hidden missiles gonna be nuuuuts

There has been already a lot of topics about this. Its not gonna happen cause this KI was not made with tag team in mind. So to do this its just to much work. Its lesser work to make a new KI with this feature.
I asked for it also.
It would be awesome, i know, think about the combos and ultras… :wink:

I’d love it personally. Even if it was just a 2vs2 where there is no tagging in and out. It’s been stated before though that it’s not possible in the current engine. I still prefer 1vs1 all day but a 2 on 2 mode would be a fun distraction.

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Have any of you thought about the hardware limits? people asked it since S1 but it’s not done because it must be impossible without any noticeable visual/technical sacrifice. Would you like the game to run sub720p, 30fps, with crappy anymations and/or character models and textures like the ones in Xbox 360 before they moved the project to Xbox One?.

I like tag matches, I played most of “Capcom vs XXXXX” games, but I fear a possible “tag breaker” and other stuff would ruin the game… although a Tag Ultra/Ultimate would be extreme, I can’t deny that.

Lmao no

I spent more time in KI gold tag team than any other mode!

Unlimited ultras were insane

I prefer classic KI style, no Tag team (no assists). However I enjoy the chance to play 2vs2 in MK 9 ,won’t lie about that xP

I’m trying to picture the logistics of adding a tag team mode to a game that was never intended nor built to have one and I can’t think that’d be easy to implement.

I’d like a team battle mode, maybe an arcade mode that’s done in the form of a tourney ladder (though I’m sure some old school fans would hate that), but creating a mode that lets you summon assists and / or full on tag? I can’t imagine the juice would be worth the squeeze money-wise, but who knows, I could be wrong.