You know IG could make more money

if they sell the color 10s online for each character. I want the color 10s for the characters but I’m not buying those dang statues for each one, if color 10s for the characters were like 99 cents each id buy the entire roster, with 6 million people playing killer instinct thatd make IG a lot of money. what you guys think?

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This conversation has been done to death dozens of times already, and I don’t think we need yet another thread about it.

The colors only exist because of the figures, and are only packaged with the figures. They aren’t a “general sale” item, and shouldn’t be. It’s the same as buying a special edition controller with a special coloring, or a console; the special coloring is made for that specific item, and if you want the color you need to buy the item.

To take it outside of gaming, look at the way new phones are. If I want the fancy new phone color or feature, I need to buy the device that contains it, with the exception of buying a phone case.


ok good point

There is no doubt in my mind that they will become available separately in time. They will do exactly what they have done with Shago. Streamers are already giving out codes for the extra colors.

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Has anyone seen news of the Orchid color 10? Why do I feel it should be a brown hair and solid black option

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Is there a color 10 for glacius yet?

The same thing was said about Shago…And now he is available for purchase.

Yeah, but that was when Shago was just a reskin for Jago. Now that he’s a full character of his own he needed to be accessable to the masses so that he wouldn’t be banned from tournamant play.