You can recapture w/ Cinder after combo breaking

I made this video to demonstrate. At the peak of your breaker, activate instinct, perform a Heavy Trailblazer to start juggling, and execute down + HK to recapture.

Like PaulB was saying, some chars’ combo breakers are way better than others. BUT I LIKE THIS THOUGH! It doesn’t seem too overpowered.

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Day 1 tech isn’t exactly new. I like your use of Heavy Trailblazer after the Combo Breaker though.

It isn’t even day 1 tech, this is pre-release tech, the moment they said he had a recapture it was known this was possible.


Yea that looks pretty sweet! I like it :fire:

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Yep, any character with a recapture can do so after a Combo Breaker into Instinct Cancel, but it’s always breakable since the Break counts as an opener in this situation.

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