YOLO players drives me crazy

I’m not trying to be mean, at all, but there’s something in this KI that’s really getting me. I’m tired of being beaten by “yolo” things. I mean, I was solid on the old Killers, and if you didn’t know how to play well you weren’t going to beat me. That was a long time ago now u_u

In this Killer I’m guetting hit by what it seems “random setups” that I can’t figure how to punish. it’s fun, because in practice mode I CAN punish most of them, so I think it’s lag playing it’s evil part too.
I play better against good players that have a plan and solid setups, and I don’t mind being beaten by them. But yes, I feel there’s too much randomness here whenever it happens the other way around. I find specially hard to beat laggy persons.

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I hear ya! I lost to a kid that just jumped and hit me with Riptors tail the entire match. As I am using omen…there really is no great Anti Air for this. Orda shield is hit an miss so… it also didnt help he has CAM on and when he would land he would mash light kick and immediately poke and open if the jumping attack missed.
You cant win em all…but those really hurt! lol

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I think its just that the competition is getting better.

I play better against good players that have a plan and solid setups, and I don’t mind being beaten by them.

You mean predictable? Every char has some crazy setups that seem random. But to pull them off, the player needs to be focused and in control.

Wulf’s Feral Cancel crazy ■■■■ seems random, but good players know how to control him so well in that state that he’s near impossible to beat. (I think he needs a nerf but eh…)

Cinder has CRAZY juggle potential.

Omen has good mixups and block string potential in the corner.

The bottom line: KI is a game we’re you kinda need to be a Jack of all Trades to learn and exploit match up weaknesses because each char plays so differently.

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In that situation, I would have Shadow Slide on wake up to get some space and try to zone him out until he stopped spamming.

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If you’re having trouble with a player being “YOLO” as you say, and doing something seemingly random, just start looking for 1 (or 2) thing(s) - for example, if they’re going random, they’re probably going to hit a bit of everything. So, in that case, I would simply wait until they hit a medium or heavy auto-double, since those are generally the easiest to combo-break. Stop trying to guess, based off of how they play - react in the moment ONLY when you see what you know you can break. :wink:


Since CA mode I’ve lost a few times to YOLO players.

Before they would just jump around and eventually when they got a hit it wouldn’t lead to a combo so I did just fine against them. Now when they eventually get a hit it DOES lead to a combo and I lose a bunch of life.

This in fact made a problem I have more prominent, the tendency to try to break too early. Most of these losses where because I got locked out to a player mashing LK with Shago or something similar, making me angry and ironically making me miss even more breaks.

Even then I believe there is another situation that doesn’t have anything to do with CA but CA made it more prominent. Some characters in this game have very easy setups with not enough downside in using them. What I mean is that these are “embedded” mixups that even a player mashing can do over and over without thinking and they hit VERY often because they are naturally hard to defend against, even when you expect these mixups to come. This wasn’t a problem against newcomers because they often couldn’t convert this opening into a combo but now they can.

I don’t know if this is a problem - maybe it’s just the nature of the game and we have to make our defenses even stronger instead of counting on the other player not being very good - but it sure is frustrating to lose against a player you feel you should’ve beaten easily.


You can’t play against “bad” players the same way you play against “good” players.

With Thunder for example, I can’t grab them if they constantly jump. Constantly jumping is NOT a good idea, but if I keep trying to play Thunders grab game it will still beat me. That’s still a perfectly valid loss on me though.

Play with the mindset that your opponent must “earn” the right to be beaten by your higher level tactics. I say to myself “if this person is content to hold up constantly I’m perfectly fine with winning by doing nothing but cr.HP”.

This is the case with every character, some of your tools just do not work if your opponent doesn’t respect your options, and you will run into players who will lose both lifebars sooner than they’d respect your options. Oblige them.

I can probably show you 100 videos of me winning against YOLO players by doing nothing but Sabrewulf’s CR.LK->s.b+HP frametrap. If I can beat them at their low level, why should I ever risk doing my unsafe mixups if I don’t need to?


If that’s the case just block it and anti-air her attacks, that move might be effective but it is wreckless.

Culdn’t agree more. If these folks are being “yolo” then you folks having trouble just need be patient. Cause yolo=recklessness and recklessness=defeat.

You just gotta be patient and figure out how to counter em.

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I have plenty of times when I “randomize” my attacks on purpose to get my opponent out of rhythm.

Funny…Cause I played against a Thunder player that did just that…Constantly jumped…He beat my TJ the first round, and I was suprised the one-trick pony stuck around for a 2nd…Completely obliterated him once I adjusted…Losing that first matchup against such simple tactics really got under my skin.

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I don’t mean predictable, those are solid players that have total control (most of the time) of their characters. They don’t “risk that way”, they tend to play smarter, avoiding mistakes that would leave them negative. The people I talk about do mixups, but with too much risk involved. I never think they would play so carelessly (I am reckless sometimes, and mistakes are punished). This “randomness” in style was not going to beat me in older KIs. But in this one?? Yeap, I need more match ups, and stuff practice, but sometimes I feell the blockstrings are eternal and the offensive game seems to hard to counter attack. I’m really confused with this,changing my gamestyle to a more defensive style. I mean,I’m too anxious. I still have to find myself here.

Can we define yolo or give an example please? Just want to make sure its not my kind of playstyle. :confused:

Excuse my ignorance.

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YOLO players are the worse and to be honest, I think CA is kind of pointless. If a person has issues performing auto doubles, then they really don’t need to be playing KI. :Pjoy:

YOLO - “you only live once”

It means to do something randomly or unexpected, usually unsafe, rather often and/or sometimes as a last-ditch effort to confuse your opponent in a time of dire need, and ALWAYS without really thinking about it. In other words, it’s doing things on a whim and without it being pre-planned. Button-mashing can even be considered going “YOLO” in a sense.

That…Fortunately, is probably not me. I think. Phew.

Maybe I’m wrong though, I play riptor and spinal. Someone would have to play me and tell me if i’m yolo because I’m pretty sure I do some of that at least sometimes. Not all the time but sometimes.

Sorry for the late response btw.

Don’t worry OP, Hisako hates YOLO too


dude i played a shago all he ■■■■■■■ did was surge surge surge teleport all over the place without one thought that it could be punished ki is starting to make me wonder dude

Nah, I don’t get that vibe off your playstyle. Though that might just be because your characters don’t actually have a DP…you do wake up all the time with really unsafe things though. :-p

Generally speaking, the term refers to a player who’s just constantly throwing out really unsafe things on the off chance they’ll hit. If you’ve ever played a Jago who constantly throws out heavy wind kick->DP or (my personal favorite) DP->DP/shadow DP, this is a somewhat pejorative way to describe that style.

Everybody has moments of “just doing it”, and to be honest there are times when that really is the best strategy. But in general it is a pretty bad loser long term - the instant you meet a player who respects that you have an invincible reversal, you’ll get blown up really bad as they just block DP after DP and punish you for it.

Yolo probably applies to me as an Aria player to some extent. Why?

Aria gets weaker as time passes and bodies die, so I have an incentive to strike first.

Also, I need assists with almost every approach because of the mant unsafe moves. Assists themselves can be cheap and make me Yolo at times just to force openings.

And Aria is a mix up heavy character. Only if Bass remains I switch to counter attacking.

Sorry, if any of my Yolo brethren hurt you :grin:

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I knew if there was a Yolo topic, You would be lurking nearby with this video.

This just made my day. :slight_smile:

Back on topic:

Usually with the “Yolo” playstyle, It’s a thin line what’s considered “Yolo” with say, for example, Shadow Jago. A lot of his moves are unsafe, but with Surge are safe. With that being said, A Shago player could be using Tons of Special moves to open up someone, but on the Receiving End, It’s being “Yolo”. So I don’t know. The term " Yolo" I kind of don’t like, but hey. :unamused:

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