XP- where is it going what is the purpose

If I’m logging in, and I have XP 10000 how does that translate to anything useful to me?

It doesn’t apply to any characters that need to be leveled up nor do I see it reflected anywhere but the daily loot

Can someone explain where this ‘reward’ is going

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It feeds a hungry monster in some 4th dimensional space, constantly hungering for unused XP.

Joke aside, probably nothing, since it most likely is applied to your personal level, but once that hits level 50, there doesn’t seem like much point to it. It does raise the point of “is this actually a useful daily reward?”

I still like the daily reward system. I use the gold for double xp purchases and stack them on top of double xp weekends.


Yeah it’s for your personal level which I’d be surprised if the majority of players arent already at max rank making this a pointless daily reward. I hope it gets changed to something else or at least added to a specific character instead.

Seriously when will y’all get it through your heads that you are in the minority of the minority of the minority? Still important people, but you think most players are maxed?

How about this - open the Xbox App on your PC/Phone and then head to Achievements. Notice how ALL of them are “rare.” That’s your first indicator of how much people traverse through games. Pick another favorite: Halo, Gears. Titanfall 2. Look through the Campaign Achievements and watch the drop-off level by level.

XP is an incentive that is targeted at the masses. Forum goers are included in that group, but we completely understand that there will be folks that already have surpassed the rest of the crowd, don’t need XP.


Well that felt a little hostile.
I apologise, I’ve been playing KI since launch and I can’t remember when I wasn’t player level 50. I assumed it was a quick process. Clearly I’m mistaken.

Never that, but definitely direct!

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well lol

XP- where is it going what is the purpose?

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