Xmas items

So i was playing and then i disconnect from xbox app and needed to reconect again. On KI a reconect happened too. Then sudendly i was gifted with orchid, wulf and TJ with xmas items. Was that intended or a bug?

I noticed this too. Not the specific disconnect/reconnect situation, but yesterday was looking at Wulf dress-up options and noticed the antlers. I don’t think they were there before, but I hadn’t really been paying attention either.

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It has been here for a while. When I go afk and disconects happens

It was a free gift with the most recent update patch I believe. It was announced on one of the news ads in game or on the XBL stream that they were free.


I’m going to go check. I never heard back about getting the x-mas items lost.

I remember hearing about these items way back when… Is this only for Xbox one owners or are they showing up for PC players too? i just checked and nothing in mine and im strictly a pc player.

Must be for certain people there was no such items available for me. Even though I paid for the set when it came out. Oh well.

Xbox btw

I play exclusively on PC and have the Xmas stuff.

Hmm I’m a PC player and received nothing.

Weird… could it be a difference in bundles? I bought whatever the “complete” one was at launch… Supreme, maybe (I can’t remember the name of it)?

I definitely never noticed them until yesterday though. Never really looked through Wulfs dress-up before that, either, though.

I bought the Supreme Edition.

Huh. Then I am almost fresh out of ideas… except maybe a certificate authentication issue?

Lately, when I first boot up KI, the character select will only show S1+Free until I access the Store menu, then back out. After accessing the Store menu, all of my characters are available again, and I assume it’s similar to other reported issues with character unavailability. Perhaps these things could all be tied together?


I’ll wait and see then.

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back in dec 2014 these were available for a limited time. Ultra owners got them for free but they were for sale if you didn’t have Ultra Edition. But if you didn’t download them during the limited time you missed out, regardless of whether you owned the qualifying content or not. This new appearance is either a deliberate or accidental change to the unlock requirements.

The whole set is:

Orchids color (free if you owned Orchid) and candy cane weapons (free to s1 ultra or available for individual purchase)

Wulf reindeer antlers and nose (free to s1 ultra or available for purchase)

TJ combo hat and Santa beard (free to S2 ultra owners or available for purchase).

EDIT: because people are asking the original release was only for Xbox 1 owners, since there was no PC version at the time. However if you own them they are available on PC.

This happened to me on PC. I dont own a Xbox.

Did you guys miss the bit about Santa @rukizzel coming by? Clearly he brought something extra for the nice little boys and girls.


Clearly I did miss it. Was this something in the textual stream?

Not quite. He dropped by to mention he was sending out the codes for early access by next week in one of the SL threads, referring to himself as “Santa Rukari”

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Sucks lost my stuff but oh well. Maybe this year other characters can get Christmas items. Can I please have a Krampus costume for Gargos. :gift: