Xbox Scorpio Is Microsoft's LAST Console Generation?

do not trust anything you see around the internet about the Xbox brand. Phil Spencer himself confirmed on his twitter there will be more Xbox after Project Scorpio.


Its not a doomsday as that sounds, they’ll keep making new hardware but it won’t be like ever decade with one new machine. There’ll be a Scorpio and a Scorpio slim, a Scorpio whatever. There will be more xboxes but not “generational” like Xbox, Xbox 360, blah blah blah.


What most people believe, and makes sense, is console makers adopting a cell phone esc yearly refresh or so. So in one way the traditional view of the console is changing.

Why do people believe these things? Project Scorpio, first of all, ISNT a new console generation. So already they are way off base. Scorpio is an Xbox One with updated hardware to display games in 4K.

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That statement implied that they’ll keep improving the hardware for the foreseeable future but they’re not going to reinvent the wheel each time. Xbox will just be “Xbox” instead of waiting to release huge updates in “generations” like other companies.


I hope not. I really don’t want consoles to go the way of smartphones where they are pumping out a new one barley better than the last one every single year and charging even more for them.

Unless they can do it in a way that isn’t too complicated ( like adding parts and things similar to PC builds) and also isn’t going to make us pay $500+ dollars every year I don’t see it being welcomed by the more casual gamers, who likley are the core source of MS and Sony’s profits in terms of the gaming market.

I’m really hoping they make it modular so they can remove the hard drive again like the 360 and add in other components that can be upgraded optionally.

Er… They are hoping to gain the benefits of the sole source ecosystem “rent a phone” model. I’m guessing you will be able to swap out all the same components as with your iPhone.

On the upside they are also getting closer to a PC parity Xbox games program. So if you want customizable upgrade ability and can put up with the associated PC hassles, it’s an option to consider

Sorry for the double post. I don’t know if we will see this actually happen, but I would be VERY surprised if MS isn’t thinking about the subscription/deferred payment then “upgrade eligibility” model we see with phones. This could be really good but it may be tough to change the mindset of gamers. Still it might sweeten the pill of recognizing that a significantly upgraded hardware will drop every two years or so.

I think this is part of the reason why I am skeptical of this whole idea. I think many console gamers (myself included) don’t want to have to worry about doing all of that, not to mention some of us have no idea how to do any of it either. If I wanted to (or knew how to) do all of that I would have switched to PC gaming a long time ago and I imagine the same applies to many other people who still only game on consoles. There is a convenience and simplicity to consoles that I is nice for us not so tech savvy people lol