[Xbox] Overwatch Squad

Any looking for a teammate on Xbox or wanting to put a squad together? Feel free to add me. GT: MotherlyTurtle

I play a lot of Rheinahart but I like to mess around with other heros.

Am down. Xbox Overwatch Sqwad.

Also everyone has their gamertag as forums username.

Add me and send me a msg “Godtier Macho”

I usually have a close to full squad in Overwatch of people on here.

I play everyday at irregular times.

BH swordsman09

Genji is bringing the cavalry!

wanda is power!

Wanda Maximoff

im uselessly everyone lol

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I played OverWatch yesterday for the 1st time and it was surprisingly good. I went 31 - 0 with Tracer on an escort match! Loving the gameplay right now!

He’s good too…


Tracing down enemies in a flash!

If I’m online, be sure to send me a message! :slight_smile:

I’ll amp up the hype my doods

Should you ever need the support, oTiger Spirit

You play Lució? Yooooo!

For Support, I play a Mean Mercy & Lució.

Ninja be like

Lol yeah, I prefer Support classes the most. Mainly Lúcio, I do have a strong Zenyatta worth mentioning though. Mercy is great too, very fun to play as, reminds me of the Medic from Tf2.

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LOL Yeah I did! XD

Yeah, I have a strong Tracer and Soldier 76 for Assault, A D.VA, and a Mercy as you already know. I play Mercy though, because people sleep on her. She is TOO good. Lol

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Ok I’ll add you guys, Zarya is the character I have been using the most lately

I wanna play!

Me and my buddeh could go in as a 2 man group and dominate lobbies for hours on end. Wanted to play competitively but lost interest over time without progression and something to work towards.
I can play, in order of how well I do with them: (rememeber everything in OW is situaitonal so I can only play characters like tanks if I have agood healer… Except roadhog… I always dominate with Roadhog)

  1. Roadhog
  2. Ana (can’t have dumb tanks)
  3. Pharrah
  4. S76 (need a good dps to duo with me)
  5. Zarya
  6. Hanzo (Trust me, I’m god tier with him, just better with the above :wink: )

My Buddeh can destroy with Genji and a few others.