Xbox One's underrepresented genres

I know the system’s only been out just shy of two years, but there are still some glaring holes in the system’s roster of exclusives, specifically with regard to certain genres.

I was just curious if any of you thought that the Xbox One was still light in certain areas and what, if anything, you’d like to see done to fix that.


After seeing Star Ocean V announced for the PS4, I have to say that Xbox One is sorely lacking in exclusive JRPGs. I know that’s not a huge genre anymore, but if Lost Odyssey and Blue Dragon told us anything last generation, it’s that there IS a market for these games on an MS platform.

Personally, I’d like to see MS get with Mistwalker and see what can be done about bringing Lost Odyssey 2 exclusively to Xbox One. If MS has to foot the bill, then so be it. If Mistwalker is now working exclusively in the mobile space, then they should try and see what they can do to either absorb Mistwalker or, barring that, perhaps purchasing the IP and getting Hironobu Sakaguchi to direct it as a 3rd party contractor.


I’d also say that Xbox One is lacking in the fighting games department, as Sony announced (another) exclusive in this genre today in KOF XIV.

Look, I love Killer Instinct, but MS seems to be taking an approach of “we’ve got our game for that genre” when it comes to fighters and as a system owner, that’s not even remotely what I want to hear. In fact, it’s honestly rather infuriating. No system ever became a top choice for genre fans by having one exclusive title in that genre.

I really think that they should go to Sega and talk to them about bringing back Eternal Champions, Virtua Fighter and Fighting Vipers exclusively for Xbox One. I’ve posted a thread here about how I think MS should outright buy Sega, but short of that miracle happening, a partnership that brings some heavy hitting exclusives to XB1 would be fantastic, as Sony seems to (finally) be bringing their A-Game when it comes to exclusives.

What do you think?

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Yeah. I’m really disappointing about KOF 14, Street Fighter V and Guilty Gear Xrd because only ps4. But why Xbox one have one fighting KI, I wish Street Fighter V can have Xbox One and ps4. I don’t have ps4 and that’s not fair! I want ps4 but i don’t have enough money.

I don’t know if “fair” has anything to do with it though. MS has the power to make their own luck in this situation and they don’t seem to be doing enough (at least publically) to secure some great titles in certain genres.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not calling anyone lazy, I’m not trying to start a “cry-in” where everyone poops on MS for not having a thousand awesome titles in every genre. But I do think that it’s a philosophy issue, and I think that the philosophy has to change.

The idea of “KI’s our fighter” or relying on third parties to fill in genre gaps is not an effective strategy when your competition is seemingly responding with “Street FIghter V, King of Fighters 14, Guilty Gear Xrd etc are our fighters” and also appear to be securing more exclusive partnerships. So they’re not only getting those third party publishers to fill in their gaps, they’re also getting exclusives, which are the main weapons MS and Sony have against one another right now.

MS did a great job in securing Dead Rising 3, Sunset Overdrive, Scalebound, Tomb Raider (timed) and a few others, so I’m not saying MS is getting completely shut out in this regard, but when it comes to certain genres, MS seems to be willfully turning away while Sony swoops in and snatches up all the exclusives.

If MS wants to get back in to this console race, they have to fight fire with fire in every genre, and so far I have yet to see that, which, as a fan of both JRPGs and fighters in particular, is more than a little disconcerting.

You’re right! MS had best games but what about another fighting? MS get only fighting KI, that’s all.

Sony is not bringing their A game, their buying their A game. I agree that the xb1 is lacking a lot in those genres. Come on MS talk with these devs to bring their games to your consol. Its frustrating that we can’t play them on Xb1!

Primarily JRPG’s but I think Strategy games and Simulator games are lacking although I don’t play them as much they should have more variety and not just have FPS games among other shooters.

I loved the hell out of Viva Piñata so I wouldn’t mind another game like that or similar and I know they are bringing Halo Wars 2 and that is an RTS game so that has people happy as well.

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Oh I agree, but I think that you’d agree that the result is still the same regardless. Honestly, if anything, I’m more advocating that MS take a page out of Sony’s book, especially since MS would presumably have the money to do it much better than Sony could.

I’d love to see MS partner with several companies in all genres to bring some great, high tier, or at least respected exclusives to Xbox One, whether that’s current big time IPs or perhaps helping to resurrect older IPs with companies that may have more or less given up on some of their classic franchises.

I look at Sega, Konami, Capcom and several others and I see opportunities to bring some great titles to market exclusively for the Xbox. Don’t get me wrong, I also want to see new IPs, and while that may seem like I’m asking for a lot, it’s fairly safe to assume that Sony’s also trying to gain as many exclusives as humanly possible.

I believe that MS can beat them at this game and I’d like to see them do just that.

It’s not really about money Japanese developers practically gives Sony their exclusive since it’s the most popular console in Japan and Xbox continues to struggle as much as it pains me to say. There just seems to be an utter lack of confidence the games will sell on Xbox. I really don’t want to buy a PS4 for JRPGs as it will only reinforce that stereotype.

Good point about strategy and similator games. Aside from next year’s arrival of HW2, what other titles past or present would you like to see MS bring to Xbox One?

Well next year X1 one is getting Scalebound if that count as JPRG.

Personally I want MS to develop their own kind of beat em up game with their own flagship characters. Since they don’t want to do a smash clone(anytime soon at least)

How about Characters like Master Chief, Joanna, Conker,Sunset Overdrive Protagonist, 2 or 4 KI Characters and so on just traveling through various worlds prowling through countless mobs or whatever.

I know it sounds similar like Dynasty Warriors but :L

@xMasterStonex Scalebound doesn’t count for a JRPG, it is more of a Dynasty Warriors type game, (hack/slash adventure)

@Iago407 I think it is great that they are bringing back Phantom Dust because it is unique among other types of games, it is an action strategy game and it came at the end of the original Xbox’s lifecycle albeit with a cult following. MS knows they have a unique IP to work with that reminds people of an Akira type world.

I think MS needs to bring Blue Dragon and Lost Odyssey back as well. Get Mistwalker under their banner to help them with JRPGs.

I also strongly believe that Shadowrun needs a proper reboot or sequel. Many people probably don’t know this but MS owns the IP for many years now and the Shadowrun game they made years ago wasn’t a hit because they made an awkward only online FPS game out of that IP which was a HUGE mistake. It should’ve been left as an RPG.

Other than some IPs for example that I mentioned. I strongly believe MS need to bring more Adventure, Action, Strategy, Simulator, Puzzle, Fighting, RPG, RTS games.

I can get behind this. The original Shadowrun was really awesome.

I don’t quite understand that either, because from everything I’ve seen, Xbox One is selling more now than Xbox 360 sold through its first two years, which I’m fairly certain was more than PS3 sold though its first two years. Xbox One is doing very well sales-wise, but that gets a bit lost in the shuffle when compared to how unbelievably well the PS4 has done.

Regardless, I still think that MS has it within their power to create more partnerships with more companies, American and Japanese alike, to bring more exclusives to the XB1 and to me, if they really want to start evening the playing field, they need to do this in a big way.

They’ve lowered the system’s price, they’ve secured a few exclusives here and there, backward compatibility is a nice touch as well, but we have yet to see any type of giant effort from MS that really hits Sony hard along the lines of what Sony was able to get at E3 2013 (even if part of that was MS simply shooting themselves in the foot several times over).

Now, I don’t say that as someone that “wants” to see Sony hit hard. I honestly hate all of the console war rhetoric. But I do want to see my system of choice gain more exclusives and reasons for owning it, especially in the underrepresented genres that I’ve been talking about.

If Japanese companies like Square Enix, Capcom and others are simply throwing themselves at Sony to get their games on to PS4, then MS needs to give them more incentive to alter that way of thinking. I know that Xbox One won’t succeed in Japan, but that doesn’t mean there’s no market for Japanese games on American and European MS systems.

Obviously these companies seem to be more than willing to put their larger franchises on both systems. The question becomes how does MS get them in to the fold for a game or two and perhaps even on their team to an extent and actually take the next overall step to make console gamers look at Xbox One as the better option?

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I will agree that 1v1 2D Fighting Games are under-represented on Xbone.

New-KI is my very favorite fighting game of all time; but since I’ve become entirely disenchanted with MKX, I could really use something tasty to switch to without having to turn on my XB360.

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While I don’t think it’s exactly what you’re talking about, I want to see a remake or sequel of the Shadowrun FPS game, preferably with some kind of story mode as well.

I know most Shadowrun fans snubbed that game, but it was my introduction to the Shadowrun universe, and caught my eye because the addition of races, magic, and the tech options to my much-beloved Counter-Strike gameplay was amazing. I really wish it had received more support in terms of map packs, races, or other DLC.

I could see them turning it into a FPRPG with FPS elements, as there are factions for which the FPS gameplay would be appropriate.

I’d like to see the multiplayer work similarly to Rainbow Six Vegas 2’s system - using a particular race, magic, tech or whatever will “level it up” and give you access to new options or upgrades.

What a lot of people seem to just forget, or what I notice Sony getting away with time after time especially since 2005 is their promises and smoke and mirrors announcements. It seems like Sony can do no wrong anytime even when they do wrong, everyone forgives them immediately.

The Cell was suppose to be this superior chip that was going to change the world, the PS3 was true next gen while Xbox 360 was really Xbox 1.5 as Ken Kutaragi would say. That tech demo of Killzone back at E3 2005 to steal thunder away from the Xbox 360 announcement was apparently actual in-game footage that was also a big lie. It got to a point where Sony had to shut Mr. Kutaragi up because he was saying so much nonsense that people were starting to realize their smoke and mirrors so they “promoted” him to another division in Sony, away from the videogames division. Then people forgot…not me.

I remember reading an article back on why MS struggles in Japan and it basically comes down to cultural differences, it doesn’t really seem like a problem that can be solved with money at least not without an insane amount of it.

It’s spoken more extensively about in this article.

I knew it was cultural since the original Xbox days. “X” is also something viewed upon negatively in their culture apparently. I gave up on Xbox being successful in Japan since Xbox 360 launched. What I did like was that MS were smart to still get Japanese talent and developers on their platform. That is more important than getting 1 country to like your product when so many others already do, especially when the Japanese are a tough sell and very nationalistic which goes back to WW2 and partly how they became advanced from being bombed to the stone age. I understand where they are coming from but I also think in the current world we live in, they are stubborn to products that aren’t from home and certain exceptions that to me don’t make too much sense. I feel that as long as MS courts Japanese developers to make great games on their consoles - it is a win/win but MS shouldn’t advertise and spend too much money trying to convince them to buy a foreign console that doesn’t interest them on the basis of it being foreign.