XBOX ONE X Updates/Features/Possibilities

What’s up guys, we all know KI 4K is coming with the Xbox One X enhancements, as well as the DVR bumping up to 4k 60fps for built in recordings. However, I would LOVE to see some new tweaks/features to the Fight Replays system…

  1. The current fight replay system doesn’t “record” and save the fights, it only saves the inputs, then reproduces them for you on screen with the characters. This has led to numerous corrupted replays and dropped inputs during parts of intensity, which then breaks the rest of the fight replay for good. It would be nice to have an option, to switch to Fully Recorded replays that save to your HDD.

  2. More Fight Replay Controls. Over the almost 4 years of KI, the replay controls haven’t changed once. It would be awesome to have a little more control options, maybe even a rewind feature (but #1 would have to be present in order to rewind). Also, an option to REMOVE HUD controls during a fight replay, regardless of any other changes.

  3. Updated Fight Replay Log. The time stamps are awesome, but a little more detail on the replay log would be extremely helpful. Like winner/loser of the fight, stage it was played on, and maybe even the gamertags.

  4. Pause menu. Update the pause menu so I can quit back to the Fight Replay Log, and not just the Main Menu.

These are things I’ve been hoping for, for a long time, and maybe just maybe we can get some updates when the X drops. What do you guys think?


I love these suggestions.

However. We’ve been told in the past that the way the game was programmed it’s not really possible to improve the replay system (which everyone agrees is pretty wonky). So these are not likely to happen.


With Godlike timing, this could work for both online and offline.

That’s me though.

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Don’t we already have this? I mean there is the stock animations for everyone, but with instinct canceling/recaptures, juggling, etc we pretty much already create a good portion of the Ultras ourselves.

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True but I’m talking more specifically about the Mickey Mousing aspect of the Ultra Combo, not Ultra, then Instinct Cancel, then Auto Doubles or Shadow Linkers and then back to the Ultra.

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a third costume for everyone would be nice and more accessories, especially if I got a classic design rash out of the deal finally. I know its not really related to what the xbox one X update can do but I think it would help get more players to come back knowing that more content is available.

I would like an all new HUD/UI to freshen up the look of the game, a 4K update with 4K menus/in game assets is the perfect time to do this.

Not gonna happen tho.

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In terms of logic, these sound reasonable. In terms of programming, I’m not sure. But regardless, I hope these are seen and at least considered.

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