Xbox One X Hardware Issues

Hey everyone,

I mostly game on my PC, though I picked up an Xbox One X Special Edition “Robot White” Console in October. I’ve mostly used it for streaming and movies, though this holiday I’ve done a good bit of gaming on it.

I’ve been having a few oddities though, and I’m curious if this is normal for the platform or not? My concern is my shiny new console might be starting to conk out:

  1. Lately, when I’ve been playing games, I’ve noticed that I can hear the system’s fan. I don’t hear it over gameplay, only when everything is quiet in the room (like when I pause the game or wait at a quiet loading screen), but I’ve never heard it like this before.

I know the Xbox One X generates a lot of heat when playing a game, it vents it from the back properly as far as I can tell, but I’ve been concerned since I’ve started hearing the fan. I’ve noticed it does this with Halo: The Master Chief Collection and Killer Instinct, but not with Mortal Kombat XL, so perhaps this is a Xbox One X Enhanced game thing and is completely normal?

  1. One time last week with Killer Instinct, I went to Challenge a Friend’s Shadow, and it started to load, and then the game crashed to Home. Killer Instinct has never crashed on me before.

  2. Yesterday, when I was loading a Campaign save in Halo: The Master Chief Collection, the save was about half loaded when the audio glitched up and the console actually shut itself off. My console had only been on for about thirty to fourty five minutes at that point, and I’m confident it wasn’t overheating.

  3. A few days prior, also with Halo: The Master Chief Collection, I went to to “Career” section to look at some unlocks, and the menu for that section simply wouldn’t display; all the icons and such were not showing up, though I could hear my cursor moving around. I was able to bow and and properly load and play a Saved Game, but that particular menu didn’t want to work at all. This has since resolved itself.

  4. I have my Xbox One X setup to turn on my TV during boot up. Yesterday while troubleshooting, I had my TV on manually to watch the full boot sequence, and right towards the end of the boot up on the green Xbox One splash screen, my TV now displays an error message for a second or so, saying something along the lines of “Invalid Signal” or “Signal Can Not be Found.”

It’s never done this before, though since setting my Xbox One X to turn on my TV, I’ve rarely watched this screen as it turns the TV on after it gets past the splash screen. I’m going to disable TV control and try and see if the error persists, but this is also concerning.

  1. Lastly, Mortal Kombat XL often will not load on the first try. It’ll always show the game’s initial splash screen, and then often drop back to Home. It usually takes multiple tries (sometimes half a dozen) for the game to properly boot up.

Note I have my console set to output at 1080p, and I have it on Energy Saver Mode. I’ve also cleared my Cache to see if that’ll make a difference, but beyond that, I’m not sure of any additional troubleshooting I can really do.

I’m hoping the above it normal for the platform or generally game-specific issues, as it’d be a shame for my three month old console to be on its way out already, and after so little use. Thankfully it is still under warranty, but sending it in and getting a refurbished unit would be a downer.