Xbox One X framerate fixed?

I’ve noticed lately the game is running perfectly. Did they sneak out a fix?

They did? I’d have to see for myself soon…

Yeah it’s night and day better for me and has been for a while now… Maybe something they fix on their end? Who knows. I’m definitely not imagining it.

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The gameplay certainly doesn’t have as much hiccups in the framerate as before, but the issue is still there anytime there’s a heavy amount of effects on screen, Ultimates still drag some seconds after the audio cues too, though I think it also depends on which stage is selected.

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Hmm I’ll check this out when I get home from work, it’d be a nice surprise if they fixed it.

So I finally got some time to play and I dunno if it’s a placebo effect or what but yeah on One X in 4K all the frame drops seem to be gone…there is a definite difference, shadow moves don’t have stutter anymore.

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