Xbox One X discussion and information

Hey everyone! Enjoying your new XBox One X? Or thinking about making the jump? Well, I got mine tonight and its great! IF you have one post your thoughts on the console here. Lets discuss and also answer any questions some might have.
Here is a list of all the games available and in development that are “Xbox One X enhanced”. But what does that mean? Well there are 3 types of enhancement.

  1. XB1X enhanced (Meaning it probably up-scales to 4K)
  2. 4K UHD ( These games are Native 4k…the real deal!)
  3. HDR ( These games have HDR compatibility…but you need a TV that has HDR compatibility which most 4K TVs do not have at the moment)

So this list will help you understand what games will look and run best. For Example: Injustice 2 is "enhanced, has HDR, but is not 4K UHD. Killer Instinct is Enhanced, has 4k UHD but does not have HDR. There for Injustice doesn’t quite look as good or really any different than it does on the XBS

Shadows of War, Gears of War 4, and Rise of the Tomb Raider have all 3 specs. They look amazing!

So what do you think? @BigBadAndy @SithLordEDP @Tedakin @WandaMaximoff Anyone else?

So i have xbox x and a 4k tv mines 40 inch though to fit into the cove of my house. I didnt want to move things around to focus on just the tv so its a trade off i had to acsept. Althogh my tv shows a level of hdr it wont shown the full range.

Its pure 4k with 21 ms of lag but doesnt support hdr10 it supports hdr but not to the same level as what you can get

Playing halo 5 i noticed the higgest jump its CRYSTAL clear! Like so blue or jaggies at all just crisp detailed picture. Ive seen detail on that game thst ive NEVER seen before and the draw distance is amaze

Ki also looks lush. Its smoother and you can see things nicer than before. I thought ki would look worse in 4k due to the old textures being shown in 4k but its the opersite they look nicer allot nicer.

Gears ive hardly played… but the level i played i didnt notice too much of a difference to be honest. I need to play more.

Assasins creed on the other hand is WOWING. Yhe light the textures everything are stun!

Ive noticed marvel vs capcom is on there? How does thst change ive not booted it up yet?

All in all id say its well worth it. All my games look next gen.

I dont play MvC so I dont know but if its only enhanced its just a super sample upgrade.

The best looking games are the ones that have all 3 upgrades. Like Assassins creed origin and Shadows of War. Enhanced, 4K and HDR.
I wish I had HDR but unfortunately when I got my TV I didnt even know what HDR was.

Shadows of War looks the best out of the games Ive test so far… and if you sit really close to the TV like 3-4 feet away…OMG it looks so stunning and detailed. The further you are away your eye cant really see the details as well.
KI plays great…the menu speed is a much needed improvment!

For Gears, go into the settings and switch from “quality” to “performance.” The improvement in the textures to Native 4K is not that spectacular but the jump to 60 fps is huge.

By far the best game I’ve seen so far is Forza 7. The difference is pretty substantial.

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I need to get Forza 7… I just dont see my self paying 60$ for it right now. Ill either wait and play later down the line or rent it for a week. Forza Horizon 3 is getting a 4K X enhanced update soon.

How does the Surge look? I have the SUrge on PS4 because the PRO had all the 4K 60 frame bells and whistles when SUrge released…XBS didnt. I play the Surge in 60 frames. It just feels so much faster and smoother.

It looks great. It has the same “performance” vs “quality” toggle and my money is on the performance. The game looks great in either case and the 60fps is nice and smooth.

My brother picked up the game on a regular X1 and is playing it just fine.

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It’s been a couple of weeks since the Xbox One X came out and people should have had a chance to use it and get used to it. So I wanted to share a review. I thought about starting a new thread but this one seemed like the appropriate place to put it.

For the TL:DR crowd here is my summary review: It’s a great console that does what it claims to do. But I would only recommend it if you have the 4K TV to make use of it and you really care about visual quality (or you sit super close to the display).

I am playing in a Samsung 65" 8000 series 4K TV with what they call HDR+. Supposedly it auto detects the signal and applies the optimal HDR settings. I sit about 6-7 feet away except when I am playing Forza when I sit about 4 feet away with a racing wheel.

The physical box: the system itself is compact, heavy and feels very solid. It has some minor quality if life improvements over the day one Xbox like putting the single “front” USB port on the front instead of the side. The power brick is gone, which is great but this is the source of the system’s weight and it also makes the power cord functionally shorter. The power button has been changed to a physical button rather than a touch button, which is more practical but feels less “premium” for a premium system. Overall though, it’s a nice box.

Setup: This was quick and painless. There was a 3 GB update right out of the box, but moving my external HDD and logging in etc. was easy. Like an idiot, I paid for the Kinect adaptor. Kinect works the same as anywhere else, but it irritates me that it now requires a special adapter and plug. But I guess Kinect basically died a while ago so I need to just get used to it.

4K visuals: In reality there are only a few true 4k games available right now and the tv upscales 1080p to 4k anyway. So how much difference is there? Well there can be a lot. I hooked up my old Xbox one and switched back and forth to do a few comparisons. KI is noticeably crisper and better looking. This has a huge impact on character select and load screens, intros and outros etc. But in the middle of a match I’m too busy to notice the finer details. Maybe an observer could see better. Forza 7 is vastly improved and I am going to put a paragraph on Forza below. For several games there is a toggle between “performance” and “quality” settings. These can adjust lots of things but mostly you are choosing between native 4k 30 fps and 1080p 60 fps. In a side by side comparison you will almost always notice the frame rate more and prefer it. But I am happy to have the option. Gears 4 has always looked great but 60fps makes it a better game. Likewise Final Fantasy XV, although if you sit close you might prefer the higher resolution quality setting. Largely the value you place on 4k will be around how much Jaggies and smooth edges mean to you. It’s not the vast visual improvement from a 480i to 1080p but it is definitely noticeable.

HDR: This is a little tricky for me. Similarly few games take advantage of HDR. The comparisons are also made difficult by the fact that the display has fantastic contrast anyway and lights and darks really pop even on standard DR content. Injustice 2 has HDR and I spent a lot of time flipping back and forth. That game has great lighting throughout and yes, there is a clear difference. It’s more obvious on some stages than others. In general things look less washed out when they are lit in bright or low light or even in colored light. Is this something you would notice if you weren’t hopping back and forth between versions? Possibly not. I know people are raving about HDR, and there’s no question the HDR capable display I’m using is far superior to my old non HDR display. But comparing HDR content and non HDR content next to each other I am underwhelmed. It’s nice but not huge.

Load times: the OneX does have improved load times. You will notice this much more for games that have really long load times like Forza or Dishonored. I haven’t tried hooking it up to a 1080p display to see how it affects load times for games that use 4k textures on the 4k display. In general I would describe load times as nice except for a few standouts like Forza and Dishonored. KI has improved load times, but they are not vastly improved and are a lot slower than my PC. The improvement is best in places where the load times are most annoying - moving between load screens etc. I haven’t tested Shadow Lords. I also don’t know how the OneX does with 1080p games on a 1080 display for comparison. But the load times I would describe as a “nice” improvement. But not revolutionary. You’re enjoyment will be proportional to how much load times on the current box are aggravating you.

Forza 7: This game gets it’s own section because it’s more or less the reason I upgraded the TV and went with the One X. I am not a HUGE racing game player but I got a racing wheel setup a little while ago and it is a lot of fun to use. When doing this I sit closer to the TV. So, for a game like Forza, the resolution jump is enormous. It’s basically car P Orn so for the sections where you are looking at cars the jaggies can be really noticeable at 1080p. You can still find some in 4k but they are much improved. Also, during the gameplay, you tend to be focusing on details in the far distance as you anticipate curves etc. so the upgrade in resolution is very very noticeable here. The game was beautiful before, but in 4K HDR you are seeing lots of subtle and bold colors displayed at high resolution. The load times for this game are terrible, and they are much much better on Xbox One X - even loading in the 4k textures. All of this together makes the game vastly superior on Xbox One X and the appropriate 4k HDR display. Again, I’m not even a competitive Forza player, but it’s really night and day. I can imagine there are other games that will be like this and it makes me hopeful for the longevity of the box.

Overall recommendation: If you don’t have a 4k display I would not recommend a OneX. The improvements are nice, but they aren’t $500 nice. I’m buying my nephew an Xbox for Christmas so he can play Monster Hunter World in January and it’s not even a thought. An Xbox One S is $250 with two bundled games or less than $200 on Black Friday sales. This isn’t a criticism of the One X - and in fact this is exactly what MS has said in their marketing. If you do have a 4K display then it’s definitely something to think about. The value you derive from it will be relative to the value you place on crisp graphics and color spectrum. For the games where it doesn’t do much, it can be underwhelming. But there are a few gems (Forza 7) where the improvements are substantial and it’s possible more will come in the future.


Agreed…well said!
The power brick disappeared with the Xbox S and so did the touch button. But the Xis much heavier than the S due to the cooling vents and liquid stuff.

I dont have HDR and some times I feel things looks “washed out” like they dont POP like I want the colors too. But thats on my TV and not the XBX

The TV is just as important as the console IMO so everyone’s review will be different due to their TV.
So far Im happy but Im not just BLOWN AWAY and the games DO NOT look as good as the commercials make them out to be. Like Assassins Creed origins DOES NOT look like that Commercial…hell I dont even think that clip is even in the game!

Ive been keeping shadow of War on 4K instead of 60fps… the detail on the Orc’s armor is just outstanding.

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Thanks to everyone in this thread for providing details on this system. I’m definitely curious about it. I have a 2013 launch XB1 and a TB external HDD. I’m assuming that I need to move any game that’s on my system over to the HDD and then is it just a matter of plugging it in to the XB1X and everything’s there? How do you transfer your gamer tag / profile or whatever?

I’m not positive I’ll get one soon, as I don’t have a 4K TV, but I could still see buying one and then getting a 4K TV down the road, even if that’s not really an ideal way to go about it.

You shouldn’t have to reformat your External HDD. I was able to go from my legacy X1 to an X1s without reformatting, so this should be no different.

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Yes just Copy and move all files from Internal to External…including APPs

THen just plug up your X and all external accessories and BAM… you are done. You only have to enter your email and password to assign your Profile to your new console and then down load the console update.
You are done! You can even go ahead and download the 4K updates on your old console before getting the X so the 4K games are ready to go right out the box. They actually are probably already updated if you have your setting set to update automatically.


I can’t wait until I get mine! although… it might not be until February. :disappointed_relieved:

Eventually Game stop will allow a lay away program fro the X… right now you can do the PSPro , Switch and XbS.
the X is still too new I guess.

I plan to use part of my return to buy my Xbox OneX. I usually have my taxes filed and ready by mid Jan. :smiley:

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As @FallofSeraphs76 and @SoSRaGnArOk say if the external HDD is working on your current xbox you just unplug it and plug it into the OneX and you are good to go. For the sign in, you literally just sign in with the email associated with your gamertag and it downloads all your preferences from the cloud. It may take an entire 20 seconds the first time you do it but that’s it. It’s harder to move your entertainment system and plug the thing in than it is to set up the accounts. You will likely want to set it to be your new “home” xbox, but frankly that only matters if other people play on the machine or if you have multiple Xboxes.

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I make my sons Xbox the home Xbox so when I purchase things on my Xbox it auto down loads on his. If I make mine home…the 2nd Xbox doesnt down load anything nor does it get to share that of my main profile.
James G taught me that set up.

Perfect! Thanks a lot man. That sounds like a really hassle free process. Good on MS for getting that right. Now I just have to decide if it’s time to upgrade. :slight_smile:

Yeah I was impressed on how easy it was. But thats only if you have an external…if you dont have external you are kind of screwed. You have to re down load everything.

Yes, although I would recommend getting an external and copying it over. A 500 GB or 1TB external is super cheap anyway.

Absolutely! They are 80$ at game stop right now…maybe 90$ but still super cheap…I have 3 of them!