Xbox One TE2 fight stick drivers for PC

Hmmm OK. and this was in a USB 3.0 port, right?

Yes, two different ones in fact.

Sad. Ok thanks.

No offense @CreepySleepy, but I’m pretty sure it’s a big internet no no to open a strange file from a stranger’s dropbox. Especially from someone who joined the forum and made this one post…

Maybe you could tell us about an alternate method to obtain the driver?

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You could always use something like a Cronusmax. That’s what I do when I use my fightstick on the PC. My computer thinks it’s a 360 controller & I have full use of the fightstick.

Thanks, that’s very true. I have a Titan One and it works fine. And my 360 original TE stick or my pair of Hori sticks work as well. I have a brooks PS3/4 to X1 adaptor and, ironically, that works for both windows x and streaming X1 games.

But, not to seem ridiculous, I really like my TE2, customized with Glacius art and blue buttons and I don’t understand why they haven’t addressed this. There’s a lot of younger guys in the FGC who don’t have the money or room to horde fightsticks the way I do. And, frankly, I’m just feeling a bit taken advantage of. I’m a day one X One owner who went all in for KI and got this stick and I can’t even get an answer from MS about whether they are ever going to release the drivers they said they would before the thing even came out…

does it work with madcatz te2 fightsticks for the Xbone? because i really wanna buy a te2 fightstick for Xbone and i really would like to use it on pc aswell.

Nope, it does not. Apparently there are some workarounds for Windows 7 or 8, but if you’re using Windows 10 your XOne TE2 will NOT work with your PC.

Yeah. I have windows 10, & the cronusmax lets it work just fine.

all buttons work? and thanks for the reply bro.

Yeah, & just to check I just used it on the PC version of USFIV…all buttons work.

Are the Brooks converters any good? I’d like to get one, so I can play My Atrox on my 360, and maybe a PS4, if I ever get Street Fighter 5.

thanks man i really appreciate it.trying to get ready for KI when it drops for pc.Again thanks :slight_smile:

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They are good. I got two PS3/4 to X1/PC converters and they work great. Convenient to be able to not plug in a wired controller first. On X1 I can have both going at once but on PC the second one isn’t recognized. This is a known design issue where you can only have one going at a time. My brother got a 360 to X1 and it works fine too.

Not to keep beating a dead horse, but using a converter with a controller from another system is actually far more versatile than the X1 system stick. You can’t use the native X1 stick with any backwards compatible 360 games or any other software that isn’t specifically programmed for the stick. Mind boggling. The converters just show up as a regular X1 controller and will work in any game. So not only is it cheaper, it actually works better.

I’m not sure that they make one to convert x1 to 360, though. The Titan One will do that, but you need to plug in a wired controller first.

whats up everyone. so last night at 11pm SF5 opened for play up on steam. naturally the idea of using a ps4 controller to play the game on my PC is a very horrible idea. it prevents me from playing GG Xrd because i just cant do the moves worth a damn. i decided to go for broke and use my xbox 1 TE2 stick on my PC and the results were actually surprising.

i have a sabretooth p67 motherboard which has your onboard USB 3.0 slots. if you plug your TE2 into one of those, it’ll light up and win7 will pick it up after it installs the drivers from windows update. now, here is where the tricky part comes in and im sure some of you already know this, the triggers do not work. however, the shoulder buttons DO work. i learned this upon hitting the training room and found out i had 5/6 buttons working. i need a fierce kick in the 2nd row 3rd button.

so to get to the point, i opened up my stick, the 4th button top row was working. i literally switched that button over to bottom row 3rd button. i unplugged the wires connecting the buttons, noting the colors. switched them,and plugged them with their respective wires (if you dont do this, it’ll read the swapped button as the trigger. 4th button top row is plugged in with yellow wires…make sure it stays with yellow when you move it) and mapped via in-game config to fierce kick. voila!
i am in business.

it literally was a plug n play affair with a minor modification and some duct tape. i broke my buttons during the swap process since the plastics were brittle or i am lacking finess. the buttons would rise out of their slots, so duct tape around the buttons kept them down. its a quick fix…it was close to 1am. hope this helps some of you.

Glad that works for you. Still seems like a ghetto solution and you still have 2 buttons that have no functionality. And that’s for windows 7, my understanding is KI S3 will only be available for Win 10. The xbox1 controller works fine on PC I really don’t understand why the PCB used in the TE2 had to be different than an X1 pad. Admittedly I’m somewhat ignorant to the engineering involved, but I have a padhacked hitbox that can be used on my xbox or my PC without issue and I have the TE2 which is a glorified X1 KI device which is really disappointing from a value standpoint.

I mean I don’t know who to fault. In microsofts defense the device they manufactured (X1 Pad) works universally. MadCatz on the other hand is very limited I can’t see the MadCatz support getting much better with the substantial cuts they are making within the company.

It’s ghetto, but it works. Also I just use 6 buttons, so I’m good to go :slight_smile:

late edit: you dont even have to pull the buttons, just swap their wiring. this should hopefully prevent anybody from breaking their sh!!t like i did.

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Well, @madcatz is tweeting out links to drivers for the PS3/4 TE 2+ and TE S+ sticks so they can be used for playing SF V on PC now. So, it took them about two months to get drivers developed for using the PS4 hardware on PC but after more than two years we still don’t have them for the Xbox One sticks. Man… I know they are announced as coming - but frankly that’s what they told us when they first released the stick two + years ago.

This is something that is making me insane and really burns up my goodwill.