Xbox one or ps4

Which system and why. I have both because I’m awesome lol

I bought an Xbox One, because at the time the only game I wanted for the new generation of consoles was Killer Instinct. I don’t regret it.

However, almost ALL other games I wanted came out PS4 exclusive. So, had to scrape some coins together and traded my PS3 + games along with to get a PS4 as well.

I honestly prefer the PS4. Mostly due to the controller, but also as I said because it has most games I like.

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For me it’s Xbox. Mainly because of Killer instinct, but also like TheIncubusLord said, it just has more games that I care about compared to ps4.

p.s. I REALLLLYYYY hope this thread doesn’t become a massive flame war like it usually does on a daily basis.

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The way I see it, a gaming platform is only important if it has games on it you wish to play. In my case, PS4 simply had more games I want. But I do not regret having bought the Xbox One, or else I wouldn’t have been able to play Killer Instinct.

I play games, not consoles. How good a console is isn’t important to me. Only the games matter.

I hate all of you. ET on the Atari is the best.


ET is poopoo lol

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Some people just want to watch the world burn…

On topic: Because of exclusives and friends and I prefer the Xbox Live set up, Xbone UI and controller. Considered getting a PS4 if I ever had money to blow due to some things announced this year, but overall I typically prefer the Xbox.

if I knew KI would be on pc back in 2013 I would have never gotten the xbone lol. is that true for you guys aswell?

I’m not much of a PC player, except for MMO’s and some shooters, like Borderlands. I only have a laptop, and not one meant for gaming, so no… I’ve always been a console player. It’s just easier, not having to think of upgrading every time a new game comes out. I don’t mind the slight recline in certain aspects, I don’t care much for having “the best of the best” in terms of graphics etc.

have you ever played Path of Exile? its REAL GOOD

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I have, and yes, it is good, but the levelling system/talent tree is a bit too complicated for my taste.

Exactly the same for me. Only difference is that I haven’t bought a PS4 yet. But everything I want is on PS4 except KI.

Nintendo Xbox ofcourse! Bless Xbox Design Lab


I got an Xbox for killer instinct when I learned Maya would joinOrchid in season 2
Picked up dead island forza horizon 2 gtaV and mkx

Got Ps4 later this December 2015 cause I have and support all PS products they are awesome company
I added my DCUO persona 4 Ultimax and have everything from xmen next dimension marvel vs capcom 2 guilty gear xx blazblue Skullgirls injustice complete edition street fighter V etc

I love the sleekness of the ps4 but I bought a Super Nintendo just for KI in the nineties and a Nintendo 64 for KI Gold later so not problem

Don’t think I’ll get the Nintendo NX

yea what do you guys think of the Nintendo? I grew up with Nintendo but no ive turned my back on them like akuma does on his victory poses :stuck_out_tongue:

I still like them. Yeah they still have their flaws (changing the core formula of some established franchises, their “playing it safe” mentality, sometimes unnecessary gimmicks etc), but I love it when they get creative on the games they make (even if they don’t always work out) and they can alot of fun. Heck I still play the crap out of my 3ds to this day.

That looks sick, lol.

Kinda Jealous.

Xbox One for me…I don’t really have much against Sony, but I’ve never really cared for their exclusives…MS on the other hand…KI and Halo have been my bread & butter for so long now…
plus most other games I’ve wanted to play were multiplat games.
…not to mention I have the highest-end Alienware X51 R3 you could get as of this last March, so that covers anything either MS or Sony throws at PC also, such as Street Fighter V. So for me, a PS4 would mostly just be unnecessary & overkill.

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PC Master Race

I will always prefer Sony/PS4. I also prefer PS exclusives like Ratchet And Clank, God Of War, Infamous etc. while XB exclusives don’t interest me at all outside of Killer Instinct.

My XB1 has been getting used A LOT more though simply because of Killer Instinct. It has been pretty much the main game I have been playing since January lol so it’s hard for me to really say when KI is my favorite next gen game so far.

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