Xbox One gamepad vs inferior gamepad's problematic?

Most PC gamers like most console gamers play fighting games with a gamepad and KI is no different but my question was with what gamepad?

I was thinking would playing KI with an inferior gamepad put you at a disadvantage, I know most of it comes down to player skill and experience but let’s say for instance we have 2 players that are exactly the same skill level both playing Jago, one playing with the X1 gamepad and one playing with the 360 gamepad.
In my opinion the player with the X1 gamepad has the advantage despite being equally skilled since the X1 gamepad is that bit more responsive and was built straight up to be superior than it’s predecessor.

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No. My friend is using a ps3 controller and doing really good with it and that was why i decided to buy a ps3 controller. Turns out my hands are too big for ps3 controller and im really uncomfortable with it. even tho i dont drop anything in training mode i used to drop everyting in a real match so i lost to him until i got a ps4 controller. Now we are tied :stuck_out_tongue:

I think that’s more your friends skill rather than the gamepad which is why I used same skill and character scenario.

He also tried ps4 pad and he couldnt do it tho…

I tried the PS4 gamepad and to me it runs rings round the PS3 gamepad but I don’t know :confused:

So what you’re saying is, the game should somehow cap a player becuause they are using one gamepad or another? that’s very silly, thats like saying well you paid £300+ for this fight stick, but we’re going to cap you off because guy B is using a 10 year old xbox 360 controller that has a deadzone of 80% because they have worn it out.

No I wasn’t saying that and no one should be capped, I made this thread more for a what if scenario.

I think the way to do it would be for MS to advertise and promote the X1 gamepad more and maybe do some kind of deal where if you spend a certain amount of money on games on window/xbox you get a free upgrade.

They are only about £40 to buy, not like its a huge amount of money

I have always used a dualshock 2 with a converter on my pc. It’s one of the better pads, imo. For some games an Xbone pad is better when you need the analog sticks.

In terms of advantage, it’s all personal and what you are used to. I had a friend who could be decent on an xbox 360 pad and I absolutely resent that pad. I also prefer the Xbone pad over the ps4 pad but that is also a matter of personal preference. I have used all kinds of pads on all kinds of systems and also had my friends play on pad while I play on stick. It’s not that problematic. Just remember that you can always blame your losses on the pad. :wink:

True but I think the main problem is not the money it’s simple fact that there’s allot of people go for if it ain’t broke don’t fix it route and won’t bother buying a new gamepad unless their old one is broke.

If MS advertised the X1 gamepad to PC players better and showed off it’s advantages over the 360 one more people would buy it, plus more people buying it would mean more money for MS and more money for MS could mean a bigger budget for KI :wink: