Xbox one fightsticks on PC

Anyone know why Sony fightsticks work fine on windows, but Microsoft supported XB1 fightsticks don’t work on PC (Right trigger and left trigger don’t work) is the update happening along with KI on windows 10 next month?

Lots of threads on this can be found already. Sony sticks don’t work “fine.” It’s hit or miss depending on the type of USB port. You might also find some unofficial drivers.

As far as the XB1 fightsticks, no one knows why MS hasn’t produced a Win10 driver and MS won’t respond to the question. I find it baffling and frustrating, but that’s where it is.

i got my x1 fight stick working on the PC with all 6 of my buttons functioning. you can make it work, but you’ll have to have a motherboard with USB 3.0, plug in the stick directly to it (not in front of your PC case for example), and swap the wires on 2 buttons because the shoulder buttons on the x1 stick do work just not the triggers. i dont know anybody who uses all 8 buttons, but everyone is different