Xbox One Arcade Sticks support for Windows 10

Any news for Xbox One arcade sticks drivers for Windows 10? I have a Hori RAP V5 for X1 and it doesn’t work on PC, which is pretty wierd since X1 controllers work no problem…

Please realease some drivers before KI comes to PC.

Still no update on this. The last thing we heard was at last EVO that they plan to release driver support when the PC version launches.

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I’ve tweeted several of the important people, both on the Microsoft side for obvious reasons and then some Iron Galaxy in case they heard anything… no answer from anyone at all…

They did promise us full fightstick support for Windows 10, but at least for now it’s still the same as it’s been all along, LT and RT does not register at all…
Will get REALLY disappointed if this isn’t fixed at launch :frowning:

Find it disheartening that we haven’t heard anything so close to launch

When i got my atrox i couldnt get it to read then i found something on redit i downloaded the very original driver for xb1 sticks and i had to roll back the driver from my choice not windows and it got my atrox working yeah i have to re wire a few buttons but thats how i got my atrox to work when its not suppose to

check this link out the guys been posting trying to help others he explains how to do so alot better then i can but yeah this is how i got my atrox working had to rewire buttoms but thats not an issue for me might be for you and your hori

yeah I got it to work with only 6 button by forcing these drivers… but I bought 8 buttons you know:P

Anyone tried the Brook adapters that convert Xbox One controllers to PS4? Supposedly they work on PC as well. Could be relatively inexpensive workaround.

thats just how the drivers are for now hopefully when season 3 comes they update it and we get all 8 working the way they should be.

if having 8 buttons and re wiring a few buttons is to much for you yeah sure

It is cool that you don’t need help with this but other people in this thread would like all their buttons working. My suggestion accomplishes that (probably?) without waiting for drivers that may or not be coming in a timely fashion. There is also the added benefit of being able to use your existing Xbox One stick on a PS4 at tournaments. There are plenty of fighters out there that are or will be using the PS4 as the tournament standard.

Haven’t tried brook, but CronusMax adapter also makes 2 buttons go away… so my bet would be that it’s like that for every other device than the Xbox

You dont need 8 buttons no one on earth uses i buttons

My first XB1 stick was a Padhack I did myself, that’s the best as far as compatibility goes since it’s a X1 controller PCB. Still I’d like my RAP V to work on PC… cuz it just should

They obviously don’t care much, they’ve been giving everyone the runaround for over a year. I’ve tried contactng madcatz and microsoft but they never have a response. If you plan on playing other fighters on pc with the xb1 te2 good luck.

If you got a ps4 stick all you need to do is download jay2kings driver

And all 8 buttons will work

You can get xbox one sticks working on pc just have to re wire a few buttons

That’s the thing Chris…
If you go into your settings for the stick in windows there’s not even any axes or buttons that react on the RT & LT buttons… so they would probably need to get those drivers fixed for the sticks to even work in KI…
Don’t think they could even make it work in KI with some special KI-stick code… and if they could, why wouldn’t they just release updated drivers with that exact code?
KI is Microsoft funded, it seems weird if they don’t Support their own platform.

As said to begin with from me… in worried about the release window on drivers to make them work… nothing more.

And I actually did get Madcatz to respond to a compatibility question, and they said it’s in Microsofts hands… which makes sense since it’s apparently all X1 sticks and not just the TE2

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Thanks for the info, makes more sense now. So assuming you were to rewire, you are limited to 6 buttons. Hope they get it fixed in time for s3 at least.

I do, and many others do as well. For myself and probably others, it’s easier to remap 3 buttons into one and use that for certain executions. Quite an ignorant generalization, but then again the way one carries oneself is an autoreflection of what one really is.

3 fingers arent that hard natural on the buttons.

Lcd said microsoft plans on updating xbox one sticks when ki comes in march will see

Ps4 and 360s are best way to go for pc

I ordered the Xbox360/Xbone Brook Converter because I read somewhere it made the TE2 (Xbox One) compatible with PC. I got mine in the mail yesterday and it did not work. The lack of clarity on the site doesn’t help either. There’s a list of compatible devices listed for each stick, but I couldn’t find any that listed the TE2 for Xbox One.

I contacted support but haven’t gotten a reply, so to save myself time waiting around for a reply and not being able to enjoy my games, I just ended up ordering a 2nd CronusMax.

If anyone has any use for this one, I can send it to you for $30 (it’s $45 brand new).
Just PM me.