Xbox Live Tournaments are coming today to Killer Instinct!

So I just thought of something. If you want to participate in the tournament you can just get the Xbox beta app for pc and register to play in it :grin:

I checked last night and didn’t see it myself but then I saw it when I signed onto Xbox Live this morning. This is a good idea for the game and hope it gets put to good use. This would be great for 8BBD and the KI Pro League.

I’d host a bi-weekly tournament that I’d call GG’s GG GG (Galactic Geek’s Get Good Good Game) Tournament. :smiley:

When do they put up new tournaments? I’ve checked at least 3x daily and it’s always full up… :’(

Hi! I’m a member of the team working on Tournaments on Xbox Live. We just added another tournament at 6pm. It’s currently sitting at 1/64 registered. Get in there, and good luck!

Here’s the official announcement from the preview forums:


I tried it just now; despite numerous free slots and time to register, it didn’t work. It auto-fails each time I try it and says that something went wrong. :frowning:

Sorry to hear that. Are you using the console to register, the Xbox App on Windows, or a mobile device?

Will this feature be coming to other regions (EU) anytime soon?

The console.

Hi, I work on the team as well. Sorry to hear you’re having trouble. Could you please file a bug on this so we can see diagnostics? (Power center -> Report a problem -> new issue -> Dashboard -> Tournaments/Arena). Thank you!

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Already did before posting about it here. :wink:

I was able to successfully register for the Thursday tournament and I fully intend to participate. However, I’m a Florida native directly in the path of the hurricane, so I don’t know if the storm itself will let me… :sweat:

Geeee I didn’t think Aganos would be stopped by some silly hurricane from competing in a KI tournament. Especially when the one responsible for the hurricane is Kan Ra. :wink:

But in all seriousness hope you and everyone else in the path of Matthew stay safe and sound. :slight_smile:

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There are so many other cool names than GG’s GG GG, Lol!

  • G Power 6?
  • GP6
  • G6
  • The 'Git Gu’d" Tournament


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Can anyone answer this question? I’m interested to in how the tourney process works too.

I can’t sign up (due to time), but I’d like to know just in case.

@Dragonglove @Em1

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All good choices. Oh, and BTW, you forgot Gx6. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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The matches get automatically created by Xbox Live as the tournament progresses, and both players get an invite when that happens. Hopefully it feels like magic!


The answer to this question is probably no, but is there a way to watch these types of tournaments? It would be pretty godlike if that were the case. A central “auto-lobby” or something that that has a twitch stream connected to it.

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That’s a really good idea. I didn’t even think about that.

NOT a fan of one fight and done. These should at least be best of 3. Poor form.