Xbox Live Tournaments are coming today to Killer Instinct!

Sounds very interesting, hopefully this will expand and be a real deal to have more ways to play the game with different level type of players.

Are you part of the Preview Program?

If I’m part of preview program. Then why I can’t find anything?..

im going to change me region and see if its there… and it is

Practice tournament is already full, i wonder if its going to be streamed.

Any word when us non-special snowflakes can try out this tournament mode?

Because these things come out in really staggered waves. Back when the cortana update came out from preview members my cousin got her almost a whole week before I did.

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Tournament is already full anyway. :neutral_face:

Probably in a month or so.

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Is that why I can’t see it even though I qualify for every aspect of it (preview, U.S., and update)?

I’m wondering how this is run, do you have to join a lobby? Does it magically invite you to a match when its time to play? Is someone actually hosting it? Are there some kind of rewards? Its seems very strange to me, this feature.

No it’s been full, and I was able to see it. It’s on the KI game hub under tournaments.

There is a second one for tomorrow, same time, for those of you that missed today’s.

Was just there; saw no tournaments - only info, feed, achievements, friends and clubs, captures, and looking for group.

Than, most likely, the update has not rolled out yo you yet.

…but I updated! I got everything else!

Do we have this in PC version??

Did you fully restart your Xbox?

Yup just checked. You have to download the Xbox beta app on the App Store

Yes, I did. Nothing.

EDIT: NM, it’s showing now, although I couldn’t say why…

Also, I recognize nobody in those tournaments. :confused:

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Holy jeez guys. Patience. They are rolling out a preview test for a potentially awesome new feature. Don’t get all nutso now.