XBOX Live Server Connectivity Blocked. Help?

I’ve been trying to reconfigure every setting I can find a support article or workaround video for, and can’t seem to fix my settings to let me play KI online on my PC.

Initially it was a Teredo tunneling issue, which I resolved. My NAT type is now Open, but Server Connectivity continues to be blocked. I’ve power cycled my router, reset my computer, restarted services, altered registry settings and nothing seems to work. I don’t have a VPN and my only antivirus is Windows Defender. Killer Instinct and every other XBOX related program on my computer is allowed through the firewall and still: nothing. I’ve done everything on the official support page for this specific issue, tried the solutions I could find on this forum; and nothing seems to be working.

Anyone else have this issue? Any work-arounds? I see that this is an issue for a lot of people so I’m hoping there’s some sort of work around!