Xbox Daily @ E3 2016

Not sure where the stream is, but I’d guess it’s at Microsoft’s Twitch page located here:

You can also watch it live on your Xbox One with the Xbox Live Events app.

Get hype!

EDIT: If I’m not mistaken, the announcement is something called the “KI Ultra Tour”, which I’m gonna guess is similar to Capcom’s Pro Tour. 100k is on the line, and more info on it will be available later this Summer! It connects with the KI World Cup in some way, too.


That was a new Jago color right? Red bandana and Camp pants.

It’s color 11 (the 9" figure)

And people say MS doesn’t support the game. They’re throwing 100k at the tournament scene!

Not even asking for a community fund! Such ballers.

It’s happening guys! All we need to do is pour our heart and soul into this game to make it grow! Show up to local bents! Tweet out streams! Go to majors! We are so close!

I have to have that color!