Xbox Club

One of the things shown off at E3 was that the new Xbone UI will enable social clubs for games (sort of like a chatroom/constant party).

I wondered if anyone would be interested in us setting up a Ultra-Combo Club for Killer Instinct when the feature is implemented?


It’s already been talked about on here. My only question is who exactly sets them up? Will 1 of us be in charge or be the 1 to create it? If so, who should be the 1 to do it?

Ah my bad, is there another forum topic somewhere about it then? I didn’t see one.

It would be cool though to see who’s online and set up exhibition matches etc

No, I don’t think there is 1 - if there was I would’ve pointed it out. Most people have simply been bringing it up in other threads as part of another discussion and the like (I don’t recall specifically where, I’m afraid).

Hokay cool.

Well as far as who would be in charge of it etc, I guess that all depends on how they function, which we don’t yet know.

I would love to find out how many people would be up for this though, I think it would be really cool to consider.

Especially with the tournament system coming, I’d love to see a Forum Club based Tournament.

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Ah could you imagine! xD

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Forum Battles Remastered! :wink: