Xbone X update is out

Killer Instinct just updated on my system with the enhanced update.

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So I take it this is an automatic update that is not optional. Did you happen to notice the size?

Just some useful info on how to download the 4k content patches that are available. (for those who know not how)

How large is the update? I’m willing to bet it can almost double KI’s current file size.

Doubt it’ll be a substantial update. To my knowledge it doesn’t come with a new 4K textures. Looking forward to it regardless, especially the faster loading times and playing in 1080p until I make a 4K tv purchase. Roll on Tuesday.

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Are people just now getting the update? I have had it for about 2 weeks now

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Yeah the update has been out for a while, it’s just only recently that the xbox lists it as being enhanced. It was a small update since it’s only a resolution bump, no new textures or anything.

Was it that one that came out around two weeks ago that everyone was hoping fixed the Rash bug? Cause that would make sense.

Huh. I don’t think that the update is available on my Xbox One console yet, as the only three “Xbox One X Enhanced” titles it lists in my library are Gears of War 4, Halo 5, and Slime Rancher.

I hope I’ll have access to the new update by tonight! :persevere:


Who knows. Maybe that whole “40” games list they spoke of is not finished yet. Now that it is out, and I see what games are actually supported. I have zero interest in buying one. I would rather buy a PS4 and get their exclusives. Most of the games that got the 4k upgrade are not that great to begin with.

Yeah, it really is a hefty price worth a considerable amount of thought before going out and getting it. Exclusivity certainly hurt the console, but it does attract multi-platform gamers because of its niche features. Now maybe that isn’t worth it, but there is a reason reviewers have been saying it ultimately comes down to each person.

Personally, I am getting it. I have the old Assassins Creed Unity console from 2014. It’s still functional, but the new OS updates and recently developed games start to demand more from the console. Seriously, it sounds like a jet engine when it has to load massive worlds in games like GTA or Assassins Creed Origins. I also consider Xbox as my go-to gaming system, so I want to utilize better graphics and performance on some of my favorite games.

Everyone’s different though. Some people really care about 4k, others don’t; some want better performance while some just can’t dish it out because lack of exclusives.

I can’t trust paid reviewers. They have to much at stake. If they trash something, the company might stop giving them access to their products. If they go the other way consumers are mad and their opinion means nothing.

I pick the console based on it’s games. I wanted KI, Forza, and Dead Rising, so I got an X1. I love my 360. The 360 had alot of great games, so I thought the X1 would also. We were mislead BADLY. I feel they gave up on exclusives in favor of those nasty ID titles. They just like the idea of having a large number of games. Leaving out that 90% of them are pure garbage. I don’t feel the need to look at 4k trash.

I know that alot of the sales are just for bragging rights. Just so they can say they have it. If that is why they want it, then more power to them.

It might be “the most powerful console”, but it has a tiny HDD, and not many 4k titles worth a darn. I seen that they are releasing LA Noir in 4k. This a great example. Here is a total crap game, and 4k might make it look better, but it won’t turn it into a great game.

Boogie, Gameranx, TotalBiscuit and so on are trustworthy. It depends who the reviewer is, in most cases they aren’t paid - they are simply given the console to promote it. But, that doesn’t mean they HAVE to give a good review, usually that is tied with bigger companies like IGN or even Xbox-devoted channels. Ones sprout fans that believe the X is better than an actual PC… lol.

I feel you man. Horizon, Yakuza, Persona, Nioh, Hellblade, I could go on. Exclusives were botched this gen for Xbox, that’s for sure. Luckily for me… I have both consoles, where I can play exclusives on PS4 and multiplatform on Xbox. Though, not everyone has that luxury in which case, PS4 seems like the appropriate choice for exclusives, assuming they interest people that is.

I had both for the last gen. I found myself always trying to figure out which system to buy the game for. Which one would have more content/itmes, what friends played what games, and so on. It became a pain. The other reason I had both was because a PS3 was cheaper than a stand alone Blu-ray player. I lost interest in Playstation when my fat PS3 died and they wouldn’t fix it. They would only replace it with a slim. I had the fat one because it played the PS2 games.

I do stand by my choice that I would rather buy a PS4 sense I don’t have one, over another X1. 4k is nice, but it will not make a crap game great.

The more Xbox loads up with these crap Id games, the more I wonder if I picked the wrong console. It sucks that you need to own both to get all the best games. I have noticed that Xbox has more FPS and Sony has more single player games.

Ill be getting an X soon. Im waiting for the best trade in offer at game stop. I know I can get 150$ for my Xbox, plus 50 for being an Elite member, plus 30%. So at least 200$ for my old XBox plus 5 or 6 games with a 30% elite bonus and possibly a "trade towards an X bonus.

If I can get 300$ on trade in credit and walk out with only paying 250$…Ill be happy. But I have to have KI in 4K… I just have too… thats the reason I got an Xbox and the reason I got a 4K TV… if I cant play games in 4K then I got this TV for nothing. Right now upscaled 4K isnt cutting it.

I just can’t bring myself to do it. I have issues trading a game in for 5 when they will turn at sell it for 50.

As much as I like KI, I can’t see spending close to 600 to play a game I already can play. Sure it might look better, but that is alot to spend to make just a few games look better and run 3-5 seconds faster.

The only game I would really like to see in 4k is the Star Wars Battlefront 2 game. I just want to see how beautiful the ship would look. Even with that, I still can’t do it. Maybe if they didn’t release a different console every 6 months, or all these special ones then I might.

i only trade in games that give me 15$ or more