XBL has gone down several days in a row, Will PC version be any better?

It seems as though this entire week XBL has been unreliable to many people. It seems to be affecting different people in different areas of the country. There has been several posts on reddit, this one being the latest on the instability of XBL We have seen the backlash in SFV servers, XBL going down during the KI release could be hurtful for the game trying to get off of its feet.

i hope it’s want be

Yeah ever since today’s update I haven’t been able to launch any of my KI games which is apparently expected according to Xbox.com/Status at the moment. Hopefully they get it fixed soon.

No, Xbox Live is Xbox Live. The platform it is on doesn’t matter.

Go to setings hit offline mode.

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o i forgot xb1 not onilie only an more so when the pc verson luach you do’t need internet to play

Oh… That’s why I can’t play KI Season 2… : (

Today has been the only day i have had issues and I played games all weekend.


Sure people are complaining about SFV online but for every fix they do a lot of people give them credit for being so fast in fixing the problems.

The main problem of SFV is the same problem KI had in S1, extreme lack of content. Worse, it’s a $60 game versus KI that at the time did cost $20 and you could download a one-character version of it for free. This problem won’t hit KI S3 so we should be fine.

Still wondering what you are trying to do with yet another post making this claim.

Yeah, if KI launches and has the same server issues as SFV it will be bad for the game. Now what? What is there to discuss (besides the veracity of the reddit claims -which you refuse to even contemplate might be overblown).

I don’t know why you keep thinking a thread being created each day with people being upset about XBL is overblown. Seems logical to me if someone makes a thread with 500+ angry comments that they can’t play their games online that their is a serious issue. Now that thread being posted daily by different people for the last 5 days seems to be everything but overblown.

Now as for me making this thread, I want people to see this thread ahead of time before KI’s launch is ruined. Am not doing it just to make XBL look bad, just a heads up. I know Marjor Nelson looks at those thread on that sub reddit. I know Adam reads these threads on here. I just want them to see that hey, there is something wrong with your service and as a fan of KI don’t want to see it get the backlash SFV is getting now.

Just looking at twitter right now this came up. Don’t want to see KI bashed like this when XBL goes down on that day.

Yeah, but what does posting this thread actually do? Nothing. You aren’t raising awareness. You are insisting that the problem is bigger than it is - based on the fact that multiple people, including me, have been completely unaffected.

And nothing about posting here or agonizing over whether the servers will be up for the PC launch does anything to improve the chances of the servers being up…

Anyway, knock yourself out.

I was away for the weekend upon coming home last night and using my xbox I was unable to use anything including netflix and twitch. I kept getting the error about not owning a game and changing my home xbox settings despite not having any games launched and owning all of the games in my library.

Contrary to @BigBadAndy’s post that this is not helpful I found this to be quite helpful and I appreciate you linking the reddit post. At least now I know that the problem is more widespread and I don’t have to waste my own time trying to troubleshoot the issue with my account, harddrive, network.

The title however could be a lot better. “PSA- Xboxlive service having problems for some people”.

Capcom had three separate betas to get their connections issues resolved. Mind you, KI had none to start when it launched.

I like to take my time with playing the game, understanding the tendencies, frames, etc. So much of this doesn’t bother me. That said, it’s extremely disappointing and a little inexcusable that these issues were mitigated at the launch of this game. Not to mention, how you can’t earn fight money without having a connection.

I don’t think we will have that big of problems, knock on wood they aren’t as bad as taking the servers down.