X5 XP Event Going On NOW!

Hey everyone,

Just a little note that when I logged in to KI today to crack some skulls as Aganos, I noticed that there was some kind of bonus XP event going on. After a few fights, I realized that I was getting a x5 XP bonus! :star_struck:

I went ahead and got Kim Wu to level 50, so take advantage of the ultra-XP bonus while you can, and fight on!



Naturally this happens while I’m out of town…

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Now you gonna miss our on leveling up Sadira! :cry::joy:

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Thanks for this reminder, this helped me get some levels on some of my characters. I never know when they do these ■■■■ things and usually always miss out on them.

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Of course u post it and now it’s gone :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


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So no xp event? :frowning:

It was the whole last week.