Wrong Combo Breakers

Not too recently I have began playing as Aria, and she’s a pretty difficult character to master. But my issue is that when playing as her online I’m having issues with my Light, & Medium auto doubles/manual combos being broken with Heavy breaker inputs. I could perform an entire combo using only Light & Medium attacks but the opponent could press Heavy breaker and break my combo without me inputting any Heavy manual or auto doubles at all. It’s just really confusing & I’m not understanding if this is only a Aria related bug or what?

Ok. It depends if CAM is on or off. If off,I have some ideas on why. If on,I have no idea.

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How do you know they are breaking with Heavies?

Wait how do you know which buttons your opponents are pressing?

It gives you a notification of the strength they broke on the Combo Breaker pop up now. A red “H” means they broke it heavy, a blue “L” means light, and a yellow “M” means they broke mediums

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It doesn’t tell you what they broke it tells you what the attacker was doing when broken.

It shows on screen what strength level was broken during a combo breaker L,M,H. Even when you fail at a combo breaker and get locked out there is a notification on screen showing you the correct strength level that you were supposed to have pressed to break the combo. Either way, I can perform a combo only consisting of L & M’s, the exact moment when the combo is broken it shows the red Heavy icon on screen which means the opponent broke the combo during a Heavy manual or a Heavy auto double even though I only did L’s, & M’s in the combo. Is this a bug in the game or what?

Are you sure you’re not holding the buttons down and they’re breaking heavy linkers?


Yes I’m sure I’m not holding any Heavy Linkers, I’ve been playing KI since 2014 so I know my fare share of how the game works. I was just wanting to know if anyone else experienced this as well? And if so could anyone explain exactly what’s going on?

The only thing I van think of is heavy linkers. I can’t think of any other explanation

You should go into practice mode and switch Display Combo State to Text. Perhaps you could experiment with a friend and capture a clip of any weirdness.
Does it only happen online or does the AI break your combos with the wrong strength as well?

Ive seen this happen to me as well. Im clearly using heavy and it breaks with medium. Or using medium and it breaks on the 1st frame as Hvy.

Now I thought it was heavy linkers too…which i use a lot…but it broke Hvy on the 1st frame…so how can it be a heavy linker if i haven’t held the button down yet?

Not a big deal to me, but I have noticed this in the last month since the Icons started appearring.

I’ve got a friend who is learning the game and his linkers are coming out as heavy linkers even though he’s only tapping the button.

Hey @keits have you guys heard of this?

@Frodo54 your tag didn’t come out correctly.

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I remember the scenario that I am experiencing the most with this breaker issue. I use HEAVY manuals a lot… and what will happen is they will be broken but the Icon says “Medium breaker”…when its clearly a Heavy manual.

This happens to me online and I’ve also experienced this happening with the AI set to Kyle difficulty but the AI doing this is completely understandable. This happening online is unacceptable though.

You can help identify if there’s a real issue by recording the match and replaying the saved data with button inputs turned on.

When you were broken, what buttons did the recording say your opponent hit?

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you can turn on input commands on a replay? cool! I did not know that…thanks!

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I’ll try to upload a video later 2night once I make it home

I was curious about this anyway - because for heavy linkers you hold medium strength down for longer - at what point does it go from being able to be broken by medium to be able to be broken by heavy? This could mean breaking linkers early with medium combo breaker gives a 2 out of 3 chance of breaking…