Wrestlemania 32!

Wrestlemania 32 goes live at 6:30 PM EST. Who’s watching this year? Predictions? Discussion!

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I gave up on wrestling years ago, used to be heavily involved but yeah, just grew out of it.

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I’m starting to myself.

I have one important question. Have you had your bowl of BOOTY’O?!


Many unexpected results this year.

  • Each year Trips keeps topping his entrance!

  • Baron Corbin outta nowhere to win the Andre The Giant Battle Royale.

  • I got to see my favorite wrestler of all time, DDP

  • WTF was Shaq even doing there?

  • The segment at the end of the New Day/LoN match was pretty awesome.

  • Shane is a friggin Machine. I did not expect the HITC match to turn out like that.

  • The street fight was a damn joke. I was hoping to see some CZW-esqe violence in that match considering a Barbed Wire wrapped Baseball bat was involved. Heck I even expected LIGHTTUBES. I am dissapointed.

What about the main event?

Reigns over Triple H to win the title after a spear