Wow the new level 4 ender looks great in this clip that was just released

fix??? your internet has issues

Well, I’d rather have an official confirmation from one of the team who knows 100% what we’re looking at. :stuck_out_tongue:

Nothing to do with internet Twitch is buggy. I can see the video by the way.

My internet is fine. It doesn’t work on mobile.

At least for me.

lol. Same. Exact. Build.

Same. Exact. Xbox. as well.



Ah, fair enough.
Well, you guys did a good job on it! Well done. ^^

reallly??? exact same build?? i am shocked!!! why isnt the stream quality on this level it a twitch problem?. i feel alot less people would make noise if they saw this its beautiful. i wish we saw other level 4 enders as well

Looks identical to me, other than the video being much smoother.


pls make the stream quality as high as possible tomorrow

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Well, the thing is, this video you showed isn’t sent live and being recorded at the same time, so it doesn’t affect its quality as it would on a livestream.

The footage you posted was recorded first in high quality and THEN sent online without compromising that quality.

When sending live, you compromise the quality based on the uploaders AND the viewers connections. And when recording at the same time, it compromises it even further. So it can look amazing on one end, but bad on someone else’s end.


I will file a copyright complaint :stuck_out_tongue:


so do you still feel this is still disorienting??

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I’m still convinced that all of the haters, both professional and casual will end up liking the VFX once they try it out and won’t bother turning it off.


It would be you, but this is a message for all - a stream is a video encoded, passed through the web, then shown to you as close to real time as possible via flash. There are also so many things that go in to determining your quality of life (stream) that include your hardware as well as web connection.

A stream is wonderful for real time interaction, but is NOTHING compared to viewing an MP4.


Yes. I am still glad they are giving us the toggle option.

I don’t want to turn this thread into the other 10 threads that have been discussed on the topic, though. If there are lots of people who like these enders and will never turn them off, I’m very happy for them and I hope they enjoy them.


thanks alot for the clarification.your an amazing community manager

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What I’ve been saying all along, I liked the level 4 enders, but I knew the stream didn’t do them the justice HD video does.

Is this better?

different strokes for different fokes i guess. personally i love them! and thank you so so much for what you have for the community with your amazing guide!! YOU ARE THE MAN!!