Would you pay for stages for the rest of the S3 cast if offered as DLC?

How much per stage or for a stage pack that included all levels?

Short answer, yes, I would pay for additional stages (or accessories and costumes) as DLC. Not sure how I feel the pricing should be, but I’d probably be happier buying a “pack” versus individual items.


I’d prefer if the stages came with the character, but I guess they have something else planned.

Maybe if they did a Stage and Ultimates for eveyone dlc pack I’d be tempted, but then again, the people who splash out for the Ultra editions expect everything to be included, + might not want to pay for extra dlc on top of that.

I guess it depends on how they release it and what the pack contains.

Personally, no. I dislike paying for things that were included “in the tin” on previous seasons.

If it were a stages, ultimates, and costume/accessories pack? Perhaps.

But you are getting things that you didnt get other seasons this time around. Im sure they will make it worth the 20USD, if not with stages then with something else.

I would.

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I would be willing to help out anyway I can. As I am a director of the largest, vertically integrated Fundraising company in the US…I understand how budgets work and that sometimes things just have to be cut to keep the company’s cash flowing without a loss or too big of a loss.

So I look at it as an investment where you invest a small percentage and you get 100% of the final product you invested in. That’s not a bad deal.

We all love Killer instinct…but for any of you to think that "you are obligated to get exactly what you think you deserve based off the previous product and not to mention you haven’t even purchased this new season and what your money is going to cover in S3.

I dont see an issue with it at all. If it is not something that was built within the initial budget and plan for S3…then you are not missing out on anything with your purchase.

Any fundraising event to get more stages or accessories, ect… is exactly that…your paying for the company to produce more content after S3 is done and in the books…its almost like an added bonus.


They will say they left it out of the game on purpose to get more money from us later. I fear IG will never do a fundraising for stages because they dont want those kind of accusations.

But who’s to say I like the other things they add? Shadows for instance is a really cool concept - but I personally don’t use it very often at all, and could probably play KI for another 5 years without ever returning to it. Characters and stages I’ll use; all the other things, who knows? Maybe what they add to S3 will blow my mind - then again, maybe it won’t.

That isn’t to say I’m against the idea or concept of them running such a fundraiser. If they do I will wish them the best. I simply wouldn’t participate, as the value for extra stages is not worth the additional money I would have to put into the game.

I’ve supported KI pretty heavily since it released, to the tune of both ultra packs and a $20 KI gold purchase to the community fund even though I knew I had no interest in Shago and had nothing I wanted to unlock. But paying for additional stages just personally rubs me the wrong way. Ironically, I’m actually not super upset about only 3 new stages - just that I also don’t care enough about extra ones to pay more for them. If they do a fund on characters or the tournament scene or costumes or ultimates I’d be in, but stages just don’t speak to me in the same way.

But we know thats not true…they are making a full game in 6-8 months…games usually take 2 years to make.

But no one is making anyone pay for anything! Its an investment, you dont have to invest…you can play the other 21 stages.

No different than Shago…not everyone has him becasue they didnt invest… he was there all along… these stage are not there…they would have to be built… SO no they didnt save it for scams down the road

well, you get the lightning upgrade which you didnt get anything similar in prior seasons and its something you will use more than specific characters and stages. no matter which character or on which stage you are playing you’ll be using it.

@FallofSeraphs76 we know it. but believe me that a lot of people on this forums will make such accusations,

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Not arguing the point. Simply stating my personal value proposition that paying for a hypothetical future stage fund is not how I wish to spend my money.

There is no logic or rationale you can muster that will change the way I feel on that point. Stages aren’t something I value enough to pay independently for.

If only low price and I will pay it!

if their is a fund to get the extra stages and the stages are linked to the new season three characters, then after the fund, they should be available to anyone owning season 3.

So I would go more for a kickstarter system with goals.
Anyone can invest, but when goal number one is reached, everyone gets the, lets say 3 stages, if goal number 2 is reached, ultimates for everyone, and then for every other goal accesoiries for a character or something…

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That sounds pretty cool actually. I think that would be a great way to do it and I’d probably pitch in.

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Honestly, I wouldn’t really care what the price is. I’m sure it wouldn’t be any more than what one would pay to purchase an individual character currently; especially considering that stages are less expensive to build than characters. So with that being said, yes, I would absolutely support DLC content for KI. Just about every other game has DLC, if you don’t like the practice, then don’t support it…simple as that. I myself, love KI and will continue to invest in this game in hopes to grow our community.

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I’ll definitely pay for the community bundle if it has either stages, Eyedol, colors or accessories (if Eyedol isn’t in this season). I won’t be tho if it’s a shadow character. As much as I like Shago, he’s the only character it makes sense to make a shadow version of. Any more and it will make the idea super cheesy.

I know it takes time and resources to create a brand new characters design/model/animations but the idea of making another shadow character stems from trying to re-use assets and I’m not up for supporting that considering $50,000 is quite a bit of money.

I’ll let you guys in on a little secret: I haven’t bought either ultra edition. The premium accessories and classic costumes have little appeal to me; and whilst I came to new KI because old KI was an important part of my childhood, and the work done on the classic games seems top-notch and worth more than the “hurr I could just emulate it” kind of value that many might assign to it, I have little interest in actually going back to those games in any meaningful way. I’m kinda proud of myself for defeating the Nintendo fanboy-born completionist compulsion to have everything, too.

…that said, I could see myself buying into all of the content eventually.

I’d expect Shadows to become the de facto AI in most of the single player modes, hopefully in time for season 3 launch; and there’s some stuff they could do in the Dojo with Shadows to teach players how to use tech or overcome certain tactics in a matchup. You’d probably have to be a complete competitive monster who only bounces between online exhibition/ranked, practice, and offline PvP versus to avoid Shadows at that point.

I’d imagine this is actually what the decision-makers at MS and IG were thinking when they decided to put their resources into other things – albeit from a dev perspective, not a customer perspective.

I’m pretty sure we’ve had confirmation that a single stage costs more to develop than a single character.

■■■■ yeah I’d throw money in for more stages. I love KI, and I’m of the firm belief that this is it when it comes to this game.

As in after this game is over down the road, we’re not getting a killer instinct 4, or some kind of major follow up.

I’d want the best experience, not just for the fun, but for the wonderful memories of fighting in KI’s last but really hype last round.

No, that’s incorrect. @TempusChaoti has stated that stages are the 2nd most expensive thing to make, only surpassed by the cost that is required to create a character.